“Two views of River by Mark Twain”

1 January 2018

Fnu PalakNYCCY-CUNYEG101Prof. Massara“Two views of River by Mark Twain”In the Article “Two views of river” published in a 1883 in Mississippi River by Mark Twain. In this article Mark Twain shows that a new attitude Towards the River, when he became a river boat pilot. He shows that how things Lose their Singnificance. According to him he explain that how something so beautiful change into so ugly after seeing a lot of times. According to Mark Twain the way He said the “language of water” remind me the things in one river that we are trying to become the world’s expert off.

Mark Twain first see the river as a beautiful place to relax, and in his Article He describe the river as a majesty, he described how it was when he first saw the river on the steamboat, he describes the river just to visit for his enjoyment and to relax.

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Mark Twain would love to admire the beautiful sunset and steam boat. On the other hand after he starts actually work on steamboat and suddenly his view on the river changes because now he has more knowledge and experience on the river. Mark Twain views on once what he had on the river which was romance and beauty was now all gone.Mark Twain helps us by informing us to never see something from only one points of view. Everything has two sides to it. Also this story has two sides of it, and the river has two sides it too.

For example one the river can be source of life , beautiful colours and holds the beauty of everything, but on the other hand it can also lead a life of disaster by being dangerous and also the power to kill passenger on steam boat. (page 128. RR).

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