Two Views on Pornography

4 April 2015
A presentation of the work of two essayists with opposing views on pornography.

Susan Brownmiller and Susan Jacoby are two essayists with opposing views on pornography. Each argue the case of pornography in relation to the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech. This paper presents and describes each case in turn followed by an analysis of the effectiveness and persuasiveness of each argument.
“Brownmiller also describes pornography as promoting rape against women, promoting violence against women and promoting the image of the female as a sexual object existing only for the pleasure of men. Brownmiller argues that pornography does not portray sexual activities as being associated with love, but instead only associated with the sexual act as an act to satisfy a man’s needs. The end result is that women are seen as being sexual creatures to serve men, instead of the act of sex being seen as an act of love between two individuals.”
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