Two Ways to Belong in America

7 July 2016

The importance of this Essay is that even though one sister fell into the “America Dream” she never lost who she was. She never lost her Indian background. Two sisters went to America, so that they can get a great education and also a great job. Even though they had the same idea coming to America, they both went different ways. These two sisters, they are exactly the same. They have some differences but then it starts happening when they get married.

Mira gets married to an Indian man and Bharati gets married to an American man. Mira worked hard to make a living so that when she is ready to retire she has enough to move back to India. Bharati traveled around North America with her husband being an American citizen. Mira wasn’t a citizen and her boss wanted a labor certification, but she couldn’t provide it so she felt like she was being used. Mira paid her taxes, she loves America and she loves India.

Two Ways to Belong in America Essay Example

She believes that they should start the bill for immigrants who come into the country after the bill has been passed. I feel that Mira doesn’t have to be in love with the country but she puts enough dedication to the country that she wants to be a citizen so she doesn’t have to go back to India. In the end Bharati explains that her sister Mira is an example of a bigger issue that many people come to America on visa’s and when it’s over they want to stay because they think it’s a great place.

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