Tyler Mcallister

2 February 2017

In the last few years he has been in and out of more allergy doctor offices than he can count. Not to mention the fact that he has nightmares ever since his father died. If that weren’t enough, his mother and brother are both successful movie stars who are often off on location for long periods of time.

The last thing he wanted was to go to a forbidden quarry and find a dead body. But that is exactly what happens to him while there with his friend Lymie. This is just the beginning of bad luck for a boy named Tyler McAllister. Tyler McAllister is very skinny and weak. Mostly because he is a vegetarian.He has a very rebellious nature. This could possibly be caused by not having his mom and brother there as much as he wants.

Tyler Mcallister Essay Example

It’s very strange that he rebels because he dislikes trouble. But he does in fact like solving mysteries. Believing in justice is one reason that Tyler likes solving mysteries. If you try to go against the law you must be punished for it. Another reason is when he starts at something he must finish it. Through almost the entire story Tyler is solving little mysteries that lead up to solving the biggest mystery of all. Who killed the janitor Bobby?For a kid who doesn’t like trouble, lately he has been getting in it a lot.

He’s discovered places that he probably should not have been in. Like the forbidden quarry where he found the janitor’s body. He even got sent to the principal’s office for talking back to the teacher after falling asleep in class. Tyler McAllister is a skinny, rebellious, mystery solving guy. Who doesn’t take no for an answer. His personality helps him solve the mystery of Bobby’s death. Then at the end of The Trouble with Lemons Tyler McAllister finally gets the birthday he wants.

By: Tori Bakeman

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