Tyler Perry

3 March 2017

Tyler Perry overcame many hardships to reach the Billionaire status he has today. Perry endured many years of mental and physical abuse, and lacked the support of family and close friends who didn’t believe in his talent. Tyler Perry was born Emmitt R. Perry Jr. on September 13, 1969 to Emmitt and Maxine Perry in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of four children, Perry grew up with a very strict father. His father was big on sports, and had plans for Perry to be a professional basketball player.

At times his father would beat him for hours telling him that he needed to man up. Being woke up at all times of the night hearing his father slap his mother around he had enough. Perry dropped out of high school at sixteen years old to run away from home. Living homelessly on the very rough streets of New Orleans, Louisiana Perry found it too hard to bear. Perry returned home to deal with more mental and physical abuse.

Tyler Perry Essay Example

Once he returned home he found out if he put all of his pain and anger into word it could possibly make him feel better. Perry watched Oprah Winfrey Show faithfully every day and said “I wish I could be on her show”. Little did Perry know that his wish would come true! So from that day on his started keeping a journal this included every event of his life at that time. In the journal he would write about the fights his mom and dad had. All of the beatings he received from his dad, and just daily life situations.

Perry confined in his family and close friends the idea to put his journal notes to a stage play. The feedback from them was not very good because he did not have a high school diploma. So a few months later he obtained his GED. Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he took a job as a used car salesman and a server in a local diner. Telling his family and close friends that he is saving up to put on his first stage play, “I know I been changed, about adult survivors of child…

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