Types of Child Abuse

10 October 2016

In Malaysia, statistics according to the Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department indicate that children aged between one and seven, made up the highest number of abuse cases for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012. This serious issue lead me to let you know more about what the child abuse is. I will focus the explanations on the types of child abuse. 4. Preview of main point. Types of the child abuse is: * Physical abuse * Sexual abuse * Emotional abuse * Neglect * ( Let me start with the first types of child abuse) BODY 1. Physical abuse Physical abuse is a physical act of aggression directed at a child that causes injury or pain. * It maybe result from severe discipline, such as using a belt on a child, or physical punishment that is not suitable to the child’s age or physical condition. Many parents insist that their actions are forms of discipline which are the ways to make children learn to behave. * Injuries may result from punching, beating, kicking, burning or anything that brings physical pain or discomfort. 2. Sexual abuse * Sexual abuse is an inappropriate sexual behaviour with a child.

It happens when a child is raped or forced to commit a sexual act. * Normally, the sexual abuser will warn the child to keep the relationship secret so that the child will not be hurt or in trouble. So, the child who sexually abused may act fearful, depressed and have trouble in maintaining relationship with others. * Sexual abuse also includes making a child pose or perform for pornographic pictures or videos, telling a child dirty jokes or stories, forcing a child to undress or showing them one’s genitals. 3. Emotional abuse Emotional abuse is a pattern of behavior that has negative effects on a child’s emotional development . * It maybe a verbal abuse or an attitude that is degrading a child. They may be constantly criticized, blamed, shouted at or compared with siblings or another child. Ignoring a child love, support, or guidance also considered emotional abuse. * Emotional abuse can cause long lasting effects on the social and mental health development of a child. 4. Neglect * Neglect is a very common type of child abuse. It is about failure to provide child’s basic needs, whether it be adequate food, clothing, hygiene, or supervision. Child neglect is not always easy to spot. Sometimes, a parent might become physically or mentally unable to care for a child, such as with a serious injury, untreated depression, or anxiety. * Other times, alcohol or drug abuse may seriously impair judgment and the ability to keep a child safe. (so let me summarise the types of child abuse) CONCLUSION 1. Summary of main point. In conclusion, there are 4 types of child abuse which are: * Physical abuse * Sexual abuse * Emotional abuse * Neglect 2. Memorable Concluding Statement.

Types of Child Abuse Essay Example

I hope that we will be more concern towards these issues from now on so that our children can live their life happily. If they have a history of child abuse, they soon may be become an abuser. Remember, we are the most important person in our child’s world. REFERENCE http://malaysia. kurnia. com/Lifestyle/Living/19/Default. aspx http://www. helpguide. org/mental/child_abuse_physical_emotional_sexual_neglect. htm http://kidshealth. org/parent/positive/talk/child_abuse. html# http://www. healthychildren. org/English/safety-prevention/at-home/pages/What-to-Know-about-Child-Abuse. aspx

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