Types of Communication

6 June 2017

Report. Communication Forms: Written: Written communication is a way of two individuals to communicate. E. G. text messaging, email, letters, and reports. When writing an email to someone, It can make it easier for you and the person receiving the email because it is instant and do not have to wait for it to be received either through the post or finding the person to give It to them. An email can be useful because an email can be sent to many different people instead of just one person receiving it.

Phones can receive emails hich is useful because if the person is out they can receive the email to their phones. Problems with emails Is that the emails can be sent to a trash folder which means you will not know that you have been sent the email. Not every email is received and having a crowded inbox can mistake you for a different email or you may not see the email. Touch: Touch communication can show a person reassurance, empathy and also respect. Being touched can be people’s weak points, some may not want to be touched or like being touched.

Touching can invade people’s person space, or It can be sexual harassment. It Is Important to remember when ommunicating through touch that other cultures non-verbal communication is different to other cultures. Using touch communication can let deaf or blind people know that you are In their presence. A hand on the shoulder for one person may mean a supportive gesture, handshakes are a common form of touch communication, and a gentle touch can be more comforting than a slightly rougher touch. Before touching someone It Is good to check with them first. uch as saying “Are you 0k with this? ” to check if they will be comfortable with the touching. Arts and Crafts: Arts and Crafts are therapeutic activities. Using arts and crafts to communicate can help somebody to tell a story, such as whats happened In their life. day or what they Ilke to do. It helps people to express themselves, and they can also learn new skills through drawing. Their therapeutic effects can be enormous and can lower stress levels, fear and anxiety and provide a sense of freedom, leading to faster recovery times and reduced need for medication.

Arts and Crafts can help to develop self- confidence and self-esteem, improve social skills, provide opportunities to develop new skills and help decrease social Isolation. Arts and crafts can be comforting and elaxing for someone who is stressed or needs to express themselves through drawings. Arts and crafts can come as a disadvantage to someone because some people cannot explain what they have either drawn or created If someone has asked them what it means, as they find it diffcult to explain how they feel.

Not everyone enjoys doing arts and crafts and it is not for everybodys age range, also not everybody has express their feelings through doing drawings or creating things. Sign Language: Sign Language is more often used when communicating with a deaf person as they are unable to hear what you are saying to them. It helps people nderstand what the other person Is trying to say to them, sign language is helpful for people to learn if they ever came across a deaf person that wanted to communicate with them.

There are dfferent types of sign language; American Sign use Makaton, Finger Spelling and others. Families who have any siblings, children, or any other family members who have hearing difficulties, sign language is useful for them as it would be easier to communicate with them through that. Sign language and using facial expressions can tell a person and show them how they are feeling which will help the person talking to the deaf person understand. Lip reading is also another thing which helps a deaf person to understand what the other person is saying to them.

Sign language can also come as an advantage to someone because it is not one of the things which is easy to learn, it takes a while to fully understand learn sign language and people may not know sign language. Technology: Different types of technologies can help someone with communicating. The different types are hearing loops for hearing impairment, hearing aids, phones, and also something like an electronical communicator which show images to people and the images can help ith telling a person what they want if they cannot communicate with them.

Loop systems can be used to that it enables deaf people to hear people speak, in cinemas or even theatres. Loop systems can help deaf people communicate because it can help them with understanding what the other person is saying and can help them interact, as they will know what to say back to the other person. People who are deaf or have a hard time with hearing things can use telecommunication services which will help with or the type talk services which help with a spoken conversation which will be translated into a written form using a word processor.

Hearing aids can benefit the people which are born which hearing impairment or those who have recently been diagnosed hearing problems as their hearing has deteriorated not all hearing aids with help with being able to receive any communication from other people but usually can hear spoken communication. Not all technology comes as an advantage to communicate because it could break which means buying another one which some people cannot afford to. Interpersonal Interaction: Verbal – Dialect: Jargon: Jargon is used in more professional meetings and formal meetings rather han informal meetings and is hard for people to understand.

It is a spex Non Verbal Facial Expressions: using facial expressions can express how you are feeling and can also show that you are listening, understanding and being polite. Facial expressions are also a form of body language. There are different types of emotions which can come out of facial expressions, which are; happiness, fear, confusion, excitement, disgust, etc. Frowning can be a signal to someone that another person is showing disapproval, unhappiness and even confusion. A smile to another person could ndicate approval, understanding, happiness and other emotions.

The different types of facial expressions can show a lot of emotions which can tell you how the person is feeling, people can also tell if a person is showing emotion if the face is tensed. Silence: showing silence when communicating can mean that a person is not feeling confident enough to talk or is not in the mood to talk. Communication and Language Needs and Preferences: British Sign Language: British sign language is used by deaf people in the I-JK; it Pictures and Writing: Variation between Cultures: Communication Passports:

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