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12 December 2017

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more Important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays? Thesis statement: Music is a part of our life, no matter it is traditional or international. Music Is an Inevitable part of our life. We do not even know when and where people first started to listen for music.

It is obvious that music is as old as the human being in this world. We were listening to the different sounds and the type of rhythms even when we are not brought out to this world of noise and rhythms and music.Even those who think they are not musical person are able to differentiate between the rhythms and beat of music carefully and enthusiastically. I would roughly separate music in two parts. First is stimulating music. This particular type of music affect us by it is inappropriate rhythm and stimulate to more actively acting like awaking after having a good sleep. Second part Is sedating music.

Some of us would have this type of music because; It helps us to be more sedate when we need it. Many of us need music after a hard work. Some enjoy while the driving.We need it even when we are sad. Every our mood demands appropriate type of music. Even being an infant often we need music before sleeping. In most of the cultures it is practiced to sing sedating song to a child while sleeping.

Music Is even useful for warriors In war for encouraging them to be braver. If to speak about the importance or the difference between country music and international music, no matter what we are listening to, traditional music is the part of particular culture. Each culture has various forms of music. We are free to choose whatever.For conclusion I would say that, music Is In our minds beginning from our birth until our death. Music Is an Inseparable part of this world. We cannot live without music being the part of this world of full noise and beat.

I think. Music is the same to our soul, like the bath to our body. Music Is a part of the art. It obvious that music as old as the human being In this world. Each of things have their own magnetic sounds. Music helps to make perfectionism our life. It is a divine donation to humanity.

There are various muscle In the world. For Instance, classic. Pop, rock, country and others. Music is one part of our life. We listen music everyday. Music is like true reined, in happy, merry and woe times it will together. For example when I listen to music I forget a bit about problems and sorrows.

Music influence straight to human mind and help to make refresh and relax. In addition In the past severe patients were recovered by listening to music. Currently a deal of young people listen to international music but from my point of view traditional music Is more Important that International. Each country has traditional music.It Is the part of particular culture. Each culture has various form of music. By listening or looking at the music a common people can guess what types of FIFO In conclusion I would say that, music is in our minds beginning from our birth until our death.

Music is an inseparable part of this world. We cannot live without music being the part of this world of full noise and beat. I think, music is the same to our soul, like the bath to our body. Task: Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?Essay: There are many different types of music in the world today. It consists of two type’s music, namely, the traditional music and the international music. Each of them insists on many types of music. Unconsciously we hear music every day, though not every time.

On the street while walking some of us enjoy hear music with pod etc. Sometimes in restaurant traditional or folk music are played, so the guest can enjoy the meal. In a bar or cafe, music is a must, so the guest can enjoy the atmosphere while talking each other. Without music it will be hard.For example, sometimes I can learn better, if I hear music, even it is rock music. It is Just better than nothing. Sometimes music can motivate us, so we can focus on do something better.

Without music, it could be ring. I think the international music is as important as the traditional music nowadays. Even the international one is more popular. But there are still many groups which still keep the traditional one, so this kind of music still exists. The traditional music of a country also shows us how a country develops, not in economic aspect, but culturally.Traditional music is normally also important because it related to the traditional dance. Without traditional music the traditional dance wouldn’t be exist.

In conclusion I believe that the most of us need music, pop, hip hop, Jazz, countries, lees and other types of music. And every of us have a favorites music. That means that all kind of music is important to us. The question is:There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?Answer: We listen to various kinds of music everywhere nowadays. All of us need music to get relaxed and to be emotionally enriched with new ideas and thoughts. According to me people should always be very open minded to accept different kinds f new ideas, new songs, new music which may be not traditional but Internationally this is the purpose off music.

I am always against of something new which is hazardous to our mental health and creates irritations instead of giving us pleasures. So people should always be very choosy so that they can differentiate between anything good and bad.I optionally discourage those people who are always confined to their own traditions. Elf somebody feels that their traditional music is the best, then he/she can give preference to it but he/she must listen to all the varieties of music. That is why nowadays musicians are ere open to accept new types of music and this helps them in composing new kinds of music. In my opinion people should be flexible in choosing music. L believe any music giving me happiness and nurture my emotions,is a good music and I’ll give it more importance than a traditional irritating one.

Music is an important part in our life. It is necessary for three reasons: cultural identity, entertainment, and connections among countries. Firstly, music is believed to be a representation of our culture. Different countries have different genres of music. Based on the rhythms, one can say from where a song comes. Secondly, it plays an essential role in entertainment. For example, every party or ceremony needs music.

When we feel stressful, we also listen to music. Finally, it is a connection among countries.As can be seen, for a good song such as “My heart will go on”, people can probably find it all over the world. Moreover, in many universities such as Manchuria University, we can easily find many ceremonies in which students from different countries gather together and play their traditional music so that students can understand more about other cultures and make friends during their university life. From my personal perspective, the traditional and international music are of the same importance. As mentioned earlier, music is important because it is relaxing.Therefore, people can enjoy whatever kinds of music they feel interested in.

Let’s assume that one kind of music is deemed as more important than the other. If people cannot enjoy it, it is Just of no use. Besides that, different people have different tastes so we can find that some people will love traditional music whereas others are more interested in international music. Next, we need to maintain traditional music since it is part of our culture. If for whatever reasons we lose traditional music, all the songs around the world will be probably very similar to each other.At that time, everybody could feel indifferent to music because of its homogeneousness. Around the world, people listen to various kinds of music.

Everywhere, a lot of different types of music are created all the time. When it come to the question that why do people need music? I have two simple reasons. The first reason is that music allows people to relax. It lets the audiences to imagine and create their own picture about what they are listening and feeling. Indeed, music takes listener out of the stress for a while.For example, from my experience, I always listen to the Reggae music when I feel stressful, especially after taking the important exams. It is the best way to calm me down quickly.

The second reason is that music is the language of the world. It unites people and brings peace. As you can see from many concerts, the audiences come from different places, different beliefs, and even different nationalities, yet, they are able to enjoy the music together. They move their body and pace together. As you can imagine, USIA is the beautiful language that every can feel it, even though, sometime they cannot understand it.Nowadays, millions of music are shared easily through the recent technology, so country’s traditional music may spread throughout the world, and become a international music of others. In my view, I think both traditional and international music are equal importance.

If each allows people to enjoy its content and sweetness, it would not be Judged from its origin. In short, music could not be inevitably separated from us. It helps individuals relax, and unite persons together. Clearly, people need music, regardless of its origin.

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