U2-No Line On the Horizon

U2 is a rock band that formed in the 1980s by a group of friends, Bono (lead vocals), The Edge (lead guitarist), Adam (bass), and Larry (drums). All four of them grew up together in Dublin, Ireland. They have many great albums, and have created their own unique sound. After touring the world many times, they decided to give back and help it. Bono created “One”, a charity group that helps the children in need who live in Africa.
The new album No line on the Horizon, is pretty good overall. If you listen to this album you should expect to hear some influences of older songs from albums like “Joshua Tree”, “Achtung Baby”, and “The Unforgettable Fire”. Track three on the album, “Moment of Surrender”, sounds like it had some influences form “One” and The Beatles “Let it be”. Track seven, “Stand Up Comedy”, sounds like the intro had some influence from Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”.
“Get on Your Boots” is by far the best song on the new album! It is completely original, absolutely no influences from any other songs. It has a good message, a good beat, and sounds new. Track nine, “White as Snow”, is a good song as well. It starts off really creepy and scary, and then it changes into like an old western folk song, and Bono starts singing a story. It is really unique and original; I haven’t heard a song like that ever!
No Line on the Horizon is a good album. It reminds you of the old, and it gives you some new. In the past, U2 created their own sound, but in this album they change it up a little and add a modern touch. Trying to keep up with the modern times U2 add some cool effects, change their sound, but you still know a U2 song when you hear one.

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