6 June 2019

This summer I went to see U2 at Foxboro Stadium. It was the most exciting concert I have ever been to. The Zoo TV Tour was intense. Television screens at least 50 feet tall gave everyone the image of being in the front row and huge speakers blasted your ears with the sweet songs they played all night.

When they played songs like “One” and “Even Better than the Real Thing,” pictures on the screens followed the themes of the songs. During “One” there was a picture of a flower and underneath was the word “one” in different languages flashing from one language to another.

They played for about two hours. Each minute was unbelievable. U2 puts so much emotion and hard work into their concerts. My favorite part was when Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer) sang an Irish drinking song and dedicated it to Larry Bird. He pointed to a banner with the number 33 in the rafters, which he had put up.

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I think that I will never forget this concert for the rest of my life. n

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