8 August 2016

“Will On-demand Ridesharing Services Replace the Taxi? ” by Zaina K. is an article that illustrates the demand and familiarity of passengers using public transportation such Taxi Cab or TNC (Uber, Lyft or Sidecar). It also shows some factors to consider, knowledge and statistics in order to attract riders getting their service. The article also pointed out the kind of impact these new players in the market are having on the transportation choices that passengers are making.

The article concluded that hailing taxis won’t be replaced with smartphone apps such Uber just yet but on the other side, ridesharing services have a very healthy customer base and that they’re focusing on the right factors–price, convenience, reliability and more. List of Reference Zainab, K. “Will On-demand Ridesharing Services Replace the Taxi? ” Research & Data. January 30, 2014.

Uber Essay Example

Survey Monkey Blog. Web Summary # 2: Based on wikipedia. org Uber Technologies is one of the venture-funded startup and Transportation Network Company based in San Francisco, California that makes a mobile application which connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. Initially Uber Technologies drivers used Limo cars at a higher price compared to taxi.

But after 2012 Uber added a wider selection of cars called UberX in which it is the inexpensive type of transportation in the market today. Basically, using this type of TNC service involves smart phone, credit card/debit card and the mobile apps itself. At the end of a ride, the exact fare is automatically billed to the rider’s credit card and simultaneously a receipt is emailed to the customer.

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