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7 July 2016

2010 Your school is running a campaign to Ocean Park has decided to run an essay Your school has decided to confine all ‘Overcrowding can seriously damage promote the idea ‘Education needs to be competition entitled ‘Animals students to the school grounds at lunch the quality life in a community. ” Write more creative’. Students have time. Students will not be allowed to go an essay discussing this claim with Ambassadors’. There are two been invited to propose a programme or categories from which the ambassadors home or eat out and may only have reference to the living conditions of an activity which encourages creativity.

can be chosen: domestic pets (such as lunch supplied by the school caterer. As Hong Kong people. Provide a suitable You have gathered opinions on the idea dogs, cats and tropical fish), and exotic President of your Students’ from your teachers and classmates. animals (such as crocodiles, pandas and Association, write a letter to your Write an article for your school title for the essay. snakes). Choose two animals, one from school principal protesting against the magazine proposing a programme or an each category, and with reference to new rule. Provide three reasons why activity, explaining its key elements

UE Writing Essay Example

their characteristics and the way that you and your fellow students oppose and identifying its benefits. people view them, write an essay this plan. Provide a suitable title for the article. explaining why these two animals are suitable to hold the post of ‘animal ambassadors’. Provide an appropriate title for your essay. 2009 Your school has voted a celebrity artist Some people have criticized movie Students and parents from your A large number of candidates or athlete ‘Person of the Year’ for 2008. stars for staging extravagant weddings school have raised a large sum of from different schools recently You are a reporter for the school

which cost far more than most couples money for China’s development. The entered the ‘Ten Model Students’ magazine. You have interviewed the would spend. Critics believe that such school principal is now asking students competition organised by a local winner. Write an article for the school weddings could be just as beautiful and for their opionios as to which one of the newspaper. However, there were magazine showing how his or her memorable if some of the millions of following two initiatives in China only six winners, all of whom were experience of failure before finally dollars spent were donated to charity

should receive the money: 1) further female students. The criteria on which succeeding might inspire the personal instead. Write a letter to the editor of thespace exploration or 2) basic healthcare the candidates were judged included development of students. Give your Hong Kong Post stating your views on and education in rural areas. Write a academic performance, leadership article an appropriate heading. this issue and giving reasons for them. letter to the Principal stating which skills, use of language to express initiative should receive the donation themselves, and knowledge of the and why it should not be given to the

world. To what extent would you agree other. that male students in Hong Kong generally lack the qualities that would fit them for the title of ‘model student’? Write an essay justifying your views and give it a suitable title. 2008 Write an essay to share your view on balancing the freedom to expressing Write a letter suggesting 2 stimulating Write an article for school magazine questions to be discussed by 3 Write a letter to the editor expressing sharing your view and commenting on your view on who should be oneself VS protecting others’ privacy on professionals in a school assembly the results of a survey assessing

responsible for heavy school bags of the internet. (Expository essay) concerning ‘Shaping Hong Kong’. students’ self-esteem. (Expository most HK students. (Letter to editor. (Formal letter. Expository) article) Expository) 2 007 Write a letter to SPAC. concerning Pet Article for school Magazine sharing 2 Article to argue whether teen idols’ Write a letter to HK Post about how a abuse and suggest measures to ensure unique factures of Chinese culture after getting married may affect their criminal gang tricked old people and Pet welfare. joining an exchange programe what your Owners’ Association has (Formal letter, expository)

(Expository essay) popularity. (Controversial essay) done to avoid similar incidents. (Letter to the editor, expository) 2006 Support or disprove whether Korean Article for school newspaper describing Letter to Editor commenting Article for school newspaper offering Culture and products have taken over arguments on whether school tuck shop downloading entertainment from the advice on safety measures when hiking HK market. (Controversial essay) in remote areas. (Expository essay) internet. (Letter to the editor, (Discussion essay) 2005 Letter to Principal explaining how a should stop selling ‘Junk food’. expository)

Article in school newspaper expressing Present survey findings of Mainland Letter to editor questioning the quality fight arose and seeking his leniency in views on the benefits and drawbacks of tourists’ impressions of H. K. and H. K. of Radio programme hosts in punishing the students concerned. early admission to university. (Formal letter, expository) (Discussional essay) letter, controversial) Write an article outlining 3 reasons to Advise a friend to start a career as a Write an article for school newspaper serve either poor elderly people or sharing the main ideas of a seminar on 2004 Write a letter to the principal,

Summarizing different views for and people. (Report, expository) police cadet instead of a singer. counselling Youths on air. (Forma! against spending a donation on MMLC primary school children newly arrived (Controversial writing in form of an slimming and health. (Expository eassy or NET and making appropriate in form of a report) from the mainland. (Controversial recommendation. (Discussional writing essay) informal letter) in form of a letter proposal) 2003 State whether it is right for a country to Argue whether Music, art and literature Write an article to school newspaper fight a war’? (Controversial essay)

Letter to the Editor discussing whether are valuable than science and stating your choice between living in a local degree is better or worse than an technology. (Controversial essay) H. K. or in another part of the world. oversea one. (Discussional essay) (Persuasive writing) 2002 Write an article listing 3 suggestions to Write an article either for or against Explain why HK films and stars gain State your choice of having children or improve family life (Expository and whether Internet can replace traditional popularity of the world (Expository not proposal) schools or not (Controversial essay)

(Controversial essay) 2001 Article for school newspaper, essay) Argue whether ‘Christmas should not be Discuss the positive and Negative Suggest 3 ways to promote discussing the seriousness of the celebrated in China because it is a multicultural understanding and racial problem of bulling in schools and foreign custom. ‘ (Controversial essay) marriage (Discussional essay) aspects of living together before propose 3 solutions (Expository essay) 2000 Suggest 3 ways students use English outside school (Expository essay) harmony in H. K. (Letter to the editor, expository) Mobile telephone is most annoying,

Comment on whether graduates should Letter to principal suggesting 3 ways to unnecessary and time-wasting device work one year before entering improve the quality of education in (Controversial essay) school (Letter proposal) university (Discussional essay) 1999 Suggest how young people can help to A university education is not essential University’s admission not only based Persuade a friend to see a particular promote international understanding for success. (Controversial essay) and world peace. (Expository essay) 1998 Suggestions of improving tourism in on one’s academic performance. play or film. (Informal letter)

(Discussional article) Tutorial centre (Discussional essay) H. K. (Letter proposal, expository) Should pager be allowed to be used in Whether computer is best to be studied school (Controversial essay) in school or at home (Controversial essay) 1997 Poverty in the world (Discussional English names (Controversial article) Sports Club Promotion (Letter to essay) 1996 New Town (Letter to the editor) Overseas Holiday (Article to Sch chairperson) newspaper) Diet and fitness of youths (Article to Proposed As-Level subjects Big Brother Scheme school newspaper) (Discussional essay) (Letter proposal, expository)

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