UFO Encounters: Fact or Fiction?

4 April 2015
This paper explains both sides of the issue of UFOs and alien abduction.

This paper questions the veracity of unidentified flying objects. The author discusses the origins of claims of contact with extraterrestrial life. Also covered are some of the ‘evidences’ offered to back up claims of the existence of UFOs.
“The publicity of encounters with UFOs started in the late 1940’s. There had been reports before that time, but they had not received much exposure by the media. It all started in 1947. One day Kevin Arnold, who was flying his single engine plane, reported that he had seen objects flying around that could not be explained. He estimated their speed to be three times what was possible at that time. He described their motion was similar to that of a saucer skipping across water. The term flying saucer was born. The debate of the validity of these claims was also born (Randles 2).”
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