UFO’s in Roswell

4 April 2015
Reports on the alleged UFO citing in Roswell, New Mexico.

This paper reviews the facts of this extra-terrestrial citing in this New Mexican city with an emphasis on a review of the crash.
Also, the UFO Museum of Research, along with many other sources, says a farmer named Mac Brazel was the first person to see evidence of the controversial UFO crash. He was riding out on his horse to round up some stray sheep when he noticed some metal debris scattered over a large area. As Brazel looked closer, he noticed a trench hundreds of feet long had been dug into the land. The first thing he did was drag a large piece of metal from the trench to a shed near his house. Brazel wanted to show the metal piece to his neighbors. The neighbors had no idea what it was, so they immediately notified the police. The police went straight to the Central Intelligence Agency, where Major Jesse Marcel and his troops cleaned the debris from the site of the wreck. The cleanup alone took about three days (Roswell, n.p.).

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