Ugly Essay

1 January 2018

The definition of beauty varies with one another.

Not one human being in this world can perfectly define the word beauty. The word beauty carries so many explanations that Judge each person differently. Who are you to say what the true meaning of beauty is? I believe that everyone In this planet deserves to be called beautiful. Whether it comes from your own parent or a loved one, each and every human being deserves the right to be beautiful.When you define something as ‘ugly hat goes through your head? Ugly doesn’t mean not having the perfect face, body , or hair. The term ugly shouldn’t define such person who doesn’t deserve It. But what characteristics are needed to be seen to be defined as beautiful? When seeing a pretty person, do you automatically see them as beautiful? Do you even consider the fact that their personality may be considered ugly? People all over the world have become Judgmental and Judge a book by Its cover.

Those people out there may not even be what you may see as beautiful. They may seem so self conscious that they look for what they don’t have themselves. Having low self esteem may act as an effect in a persons judgment of another person. When you think of yourself as ‘beautiful’ you may not see someone else as ‘beautiful’ as you are. If you are consciously always thinking of yourself as ‘ugly then you may see others as the true definition of beauty.Beauty can be a misused word because everyone has something that is beautiful. Appearance or your true self shouldn’t be the only things that people judge as beautiful.

It can also be the way you think and or any other talents you may have. I cannot define beauty myself because I’m still on the route on finding what it truly means to me. Once I find out what I personally think about beauty then I may have a slight bit off definition of the term ‘beauty.

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