UK Courts Right

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the issue that UK courts reserve the right to decide that even accepted medical practice may be negligent, yet seldom seem to use it.

This paper looks at the topic of court cases which dealt with negligence by medical institutions or persons. It explains the definition of the law that medical services have the duty to provide as best care as possible. The paper brings down numerous cases as examples.
From the paper:

“Medical litigation cases have been rising rapidly with patients? awareness of the laws designed to protect them against harm from those who they should be able to trust the most, their doctors and dentists. The most widely litigated issue us that of medical negligence. The term negligence refers to a various failures including the failure to guard against the risks of harm to others. An example of negligence is professional malpractice where professional standards of practice are not met. Negligence can be filed in two ways criminal and civil. The standard of guilt is the same for both of them, however the burden of proof is different. In a civil case, the plaintiff must prove the balance of probabilities, where in a criminal negligence the burden of proof is beyond reasonable doubt [Kian, 2001].”

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