Ulysses: An Odyssey of Errors

4 April 2015
A literary review of “Ulysses” by James Joyce.

This paper examines the controversy surrounding “Ulysses” in reference to its place as a piece of art. It analyzes whether later versions of Ulysses have succeeded in clearing up the obscurities in the original novel or have served to further confuse the issue.
“Joyce was the first to use the technique of interior monologue1. Through this technique he attempted to bring the reader more in touch with the feelings of the character and give the piece greater depth. Joyce drew from a wealth of familiar symbolism in an attempt to make the internal ramblings more coherent and familiar to the contemporary 1920s person. He used many invented words, allusions and puns to add interest for the reader. James Joyce relied upon the assumption that all of his readers would be familiar with the references that he used. His work was written for an audience of well-educated and well-rounded individuals.

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Some of the confusion surrounding this work may stem from people reading it who were not from the target educational audience for which Joyce had written. To a less educated audience, his references would seem unintelligible and cryptic.”

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