Unauthorized Practice of Law

4 April 2017

Every state has the option to legislate as to the specific sanction, if any, for the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). If any individual engages in the unauthorized practice of law, they generally are subject to potential criminal sanctions. In some states, UPL is punishable as a felony (i. e. subject to imprisonment of more than one year). The Unauthorized Practice of Law is engaging in the practice of law by individuals not authorized in pursuant to state law.

It can also be defined as using identifiable titles like lawyer and attorney to tempt other people to believe the individual is certified to engage in the practice of law. Unauthorized Practice of Law is a crime for a person is engaging in legal matters that only certified professionals should do. If an individual prepares documentation to secure the legal rights of another person or negotiate legal rights or responsibilities for another person without being authorized, they should be subject to criminal sanctions.

Unauthorized Practice of Law Essay Example

States generally punish Unauthorized Practice of Law as a crime for the person has no right to just go ahead and practice law. This act should be punishable as a crime for this person lacks the competence to professionally practice law. Imprisonment is fair as a punishment because what else could you do as a punishment that would uphold legal standards in this case. People not authorized to perform specific task should not just simply engage in them. The individual probably lacks the true expertise and vigilance a true authorized member of the legal profession has.

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