Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

9 September 2019

Justin Bieber: Under the Mistletoe

When it comes down to the boy who has been conquering the world by storm and the world teen-heart-throb sensation, Justin Bieber, and his most recent holiday filled album “Under the Mistletoe” that was released November 1, 2011 and as of December 25, 2011, the album has sold a total of 1,220,000 copies in the U.S. Many sites have reviewed his album like Billboard and they said that the album is a way of “Bieber growing up.” Maturing from his young songs to taking on a task of making a Christmas album.

This is all the typical music you would expect on a Christmas album, except you won’t expect to hear Busta Rhymes. The album consists of 11 songs, featuring different artist like Usher, The Band Perry, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, and Busta Rhymes. The hit single off the album is “Mistletoe” has gentle acoustic strumming sounds cozy in the context of the album.

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Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber
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I think “mistletoe” shouldn’t have been the hit single. There were way better songs on the album besides this one. The song that captured my attention and got me in the holiday spirit has to be either “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” because it shows how he takes all his work pieces seriously and that he’s growing up, yet his “shake it, shake it baby” is showing his play goofy side he’s always had. Another song that really brought the spirit was “The Christmas Song” feat. Usher; it gets me in the mood to just light a fire and spend time with family.

A song that really didn’t fully get me was Drummer Boy feat. Busta Rhymes. Like Billboard said, “Certainly the weirdest “Mistletoe” track, “Drummer Boy” combines the Christmas classic, Bieber rapping about how he “only spit heat,” and a Busta Rhymes verse that ends with “Happy Hanukkah!”’ A great thing about the album is that some of the money went to charity, which is always good, he’s giving back to the people who helped him get to where he is. What this album is trying to do for him is the idea that Bieber could turn his blockbuster teenage years into a successful adult career. That way more than just teenage girl will be into his music, and they could take him more seriously.

Over all the album was a great album, some songs worked and some songs didn’t work for the album. On one of his tweets on twitter he had mentioned that the album got 5 out of 5 stars by Artists Direct. Clearly, the album was great, and it has sold so many albums. In conclusion, Justin has worked hard for what he has and what he has accomplished, and deserves all the success and happiness he has today.

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