Underground music history in bangladesh

3 March 2018

For doing this literature review I used some web articles as my resource. The list of the resources I will use for the purpose of this assignment those are given below Wisped the free Encyclopedia Web articles Bangladesh is traditionally very rich in its musical heritage. Modernization of Bangle music occurred at different times and most of these modernization processes happened independently of western influence.Now the definition of the band music is a group of instrumentalists playing music f a specialized type and the Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that developed in the late sass and early sass, originally in the United Kingdom and later in the United States. People who are the students or young aged are mainly the audience of this genre of music.

Manhood described in his article that “Bangladesh band history starts from 1960. The first band of Bangladesh is called Bangladesh. The founder of the band is Mr.. Rum Emmer . Then many bands formed . It is hard to know some bands succeed and others fall short.

It was a handful of self-taught musicians that got together to create original sounds and jump-started the rock scene like never before. Their efforts resulted in the birth of the ‘Bangle Rock Scene’. Among the pioneering groups in the late ‘ass were iconic bands like Windy Side of Care (Refrain Mazda Islam Sass and Raff Omar) (Ex-elites), The Lightning’s, Rambling Stones, ugly Phases and Nines Dud, they eventually became the veterans of band music. They didn’t have the privilege of expensive instruments or sound systems, which the present rockers now take for ranted.In 1963, Gazing was the first Orchestra Band in Bangladesh formed in Chitchatting by a young group student of Chitchatting College. A short time, Gazing got the popularity; also they had to face criticism from the conservative people. But Shaft (Band Leader & Vocal) believed that criticism should be taken positively and Gazing brought a new flavor in Bangle Music.

They started playing popular Γ‰tagΓ¨re songs, Unusual songs and hit movie songs in western Orchestra style. Gazing is the first band who used western instruments of Drums, Guitar, and Piano.Within novelty never goes without criticism. Shafts two teenage sisters Ninja & Shell Parvenu joined the band in 1964. Both Ninja & Shell not only had outstanding vocals but were also skilled of playing Piano, Bongo and Drums. It is noted that they were well-trained by Shaft himself. Ninja & Shell immediate published several hit songs: Fuel Fuel Dacha, Duty Mono, Sharer Tire and Manama’s evergreen hit song Tamari Jibing.

” In 1970, Jam khan emerged in Bangladesh band scene. He is called the pioneer of Bangladesh rock music.The Khan brothers (lucky and happy) re also started creating magnetic songs in the industry at that time. According to the Manhood” in the old bands there are many bands that are still going very strong. There is souls(1 970), feedback(1 976), miles(1978), renaissance, Rib, feelings, angora babul, waves and many other bands who were very well since they started. Miles and waves were more underground. Souls was perking up to be a mainstream and soon got themselves a record deal.

In 1 980, they released their debut album Super Souls, which was One of the first albums to be released by a music group in Bangladesh.Not only they were popular for over a decade, but also served to launch popular artists like Baby Bausch (who created LORE) and solo pop performers Tap Chowder and Kumar Fishtail” It was around 1986 when Miles presenting hard rock in Dacha. One fine day my elder brother came home and announced that there was a band, which was performing songs of Iron Maiden. It was very difficult to believe. But then witnessed it myself in the next concert. It was mind blowing to see them covering several numbers of Iron Maiden and they did very well indeed!

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