7 July 2019

Underoath, in my opinion is one of the best bands around. I think they make great music and emphatic lyrics. Mainly, the music they make is Screamo or Post-hardcore. But a few tracks on the album; Lost in the sound of separation, such as. “the End is Here”, A fault in line, a fault of mine” are lighter than normal.

“Desperate Times, Desperate Measures” is one of the biggest hits on the album. This is because Aaron Gilliespie’s [Drums/vocals], and Spencer Chamberlain’s [Screams/low growls] make this band who they are. This album is my favorite, because they experiment with new sounds instead of making new albums which all sound the same.

I give this band 5 out of 5 stars because they experiment with their music. Also, they are very creative with their sounds. Unlike many other bands of their genre, they add synths and keyboards to their music giving it a new dimension. The band members [excluding the ones I listed before] are, James smith [rhythm guitar], Timothy McTague [Lead guitar/ Backing vocals], Christopher Dudley [Keyboards/ Synthesizers], and Grant Brandell [Bass guitar]. There was a different line-up before this one. They change over-time and much more than other bands. Mainly because of fights among the band members. My favorite person on the old lineup was Dallas Taylor [ Screamed/ Growling vocals] He was my favorite because his voice was unique and had a huge range of voice. I personally think they should have kept him. But underoath is still my favorite band no matter what.

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