Understand the different types of assessment methods

8 August 2016

Theory: works on the principle of teaching and students make notes with a view to consult their notes at a later point in the day. Verbal Q/A session with debates between teacher and students to establish that they understand what’s being taught, why regulations are in place and best practices are always followed where possible, some students are very verbal and communication through verbalising comes easier than actually trying to put it into words. White board/ Flipchart used to explain and draw up list or diagrams to show the students what is expected or how things can look in a simple format.

Theory Test Paper then to determine how the students have done with pass mark firstly being explained to the group with a pass/fail criteria to go on to the next level of the course, assistance is offered to the extent that individuals may not have the capability of understanding the question but would fully know the answer if it was put another way to them by the teacher.

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A few students are not great at getting their answers across when verbalising and can then take full advantage of the written answers where they get a chance to show they can answer but on paper and may feel uncomfortable airing their views in front of a class.

Practical: works with hands on with the student reading how the manufacturers would recommend that the hydraulic platform is used correctly and the student then goes on to show the teacher how they approach each part of the practical session, driving hydraulic platforms around a given course mapped out on the floor with directions on what to do at each location will then determine if the student is capable of handling with a confidence what he’s been requested to do.

Again this would have a pass/fail situation that would put the student under considerable pressure in front of other students; it is then the teacher’s decision to either have any student he feels would be worse off being in a group doing this practical element or to have them as individuals to take pressure off any one student.

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