Understanding People Essay Research Paper Different people

Understanding Peoples Essay, Research Paper

Different people see the universe from different positions. In our society, there will ever be misinterpretations between people and those people s reactions will differ. Some choose to mope, moan, and even acquire angry about the manner that themselves or others are treated while some decide to seek and make something about it. Still, there are others who think to themselves that possibly the best manner to cover with the issues among people is to seek and grok what they mean and merely unrecorded by them. As Benedict Spinoza put it, I have striven non to express joy at human actions, non to cry at them, nor to detest them, but to understand them. Writers now try to understand actions that people make alternatively of roasting them. The undermentioned explains these writers and how they have been able to place with others.

Under the Influence is an essay written by Scott Russell Sanders.

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Understanding People Essay Research Paper Different people
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In this authorship he tells how he grew up with an alcoholic as a male parent. His life was non at all easy. He had to cover with issues that immature kids should non hold to cover with. In this essay he makes the reader understand what an alky is and how the actions of one individual who has this disease can impact himself and so many other people. Sanders does this by explicating the horror that he and his household had to travel through during the old ages of his male parent s job. The household was ne’er certain whether they would be happy at the sight of the male parent or horrified by his presence. As a kid, Sanders believed that his male parent s job was slightly his mistake because he was non a good boy. I tell myself he drinks to ease an aching that gnaws at his belly, an aching I must hold caused by let downing him someway ( Sanders 64 ) . As he grows up, the truth comes out and he realizes that his male parent being an alky is non his mistake. Sanders understands the his Dad s job was non his job to cover with. It was something that had taken over his male parent long before he could of all time halt or take incrimination. He learns from this. He learns that this is non the manner to populate person s life, so he promises himself that he will non be like his male parent. He makes certain that he will ne’er endure the destiny that killed his male parent.

Another essay, from Judith Ortiz Cofer, is entitled More Room. In a life filled with faith, her grandma merely wanted to be able to populate her yearss to the fullest. Bing so spiritual, she could non portion the same bed with her hubby knowing that if she did, she was certain to hold more kids. Equally much as her grandma loved her immature 1s, she knew that if she kept on holding them, it would decelerate her down to the point that someday, she would be bed ridden. That was non what she wanted. So, her grandma told her gramps to

construct a room, non for a new kid, but for him. Ortiz is demoing the reader that her grandma still loved her hubby, but she had to divide them in order to accomplish personal contentment. After the separation, Ortiz s Mam was able to populate the remainder of her life in complete felicity. She gave up the physical love of her hubby, but gained many old ages of activity and pleasance with her household. She still emanates the sort of joy that can merely be achieved by populating harmonizing to the dictates of one s ain bosom ( Ortiz 86 ) .

An essay that clearly identifies the manner in which 1 tries to understand people is Black Men and Public Space. Brent Staples, the writer, wants the reader to understand that there will ever be some sort of racial tenseness between African Americans and white people. No affair how equal the races are, white people will ever see some African Americans as being unsafe and non experience at easiness around them. He is cognizant that this is merely the manner that people in general think. Basics does non really hold with this, but he has come to accept it. Throughout his life, different state of affairss have occurred that made him experience this manner. He knew that he would ever be conceived as being slightly of a menace when 1 clip he was walking down the route and happened to be behind a white female. Even though he did non do a ground for her to experience threatened, she became fearful and ran off. He truly did non appreciate her actions, but he started to recognize some things. The manner that some people act is non traveling to alter ; so he tells himself that the best manner to work out this job is to avoid the certain state of affairss wholly. If he is walking down the route and feels that person in forepart of him may experience uncomfortable, he crosses the street. He is demoing his strength by being the 1 who avoids the job. Drum sanders knows that the best manner to hedge uncomfortable state of affairss is to remain off from anything that might originate them. I chose, possibly unconsciously, to stay a shadow- cautious, but a subsister ( Sanders 219 ) .

The writers above choose non to seek and acquire angry or kick about the actions of other people. They better themselves by merely understanding why people take certain actions. As Albert Einstein one time said, Peace can non be achieved through force, it can merely be attained through apprehension. These writers have all come to peace with themselves by covering with others in a positive tone ; one that is accepting the manner that people are traveling to be, alternatively of being against it. Reading these essays has shown me that it is non ever necessary to seek and alter people merely for what they do or believe in. I have now become more unfastened minded and happen it more suited to seek and understand why they have certain beliefs.

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