Understanding Post Colonial Hybridization and Syncretization

1 January 2017

My paper was on Understanding Post-Colonial Hybridization and Syncretization in Literature and that not only do we need to understand the meanings of these words but we also need to understand the authors background and how these terms give feeling and emotion on the subject matter they are writing about. Did the author grow up on the colonizers side or the colonized? This impacts the way he/she views both sides and their surroundings.

I also talk about the meaning of diaspora and orientalism and how it is critical for a reader to understand the possible impact of these words before attempting to get a true understanding of post-colonial literature. I also talk about the distinct groups that are many times seen within a novel; the colonizers, the colonized that have been educated away from their community, the colonized that have tried to adapt by force or choice while remaining in their homelands and closer to their native community, and the indigenous who have mostly escaped hybridization because of remote locations.

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We also have to understand that hybridization takes many forms that might include religion and gender oppression and that many ways of acclimating to an environment because of the impact of a new ruling country can therefore fall under the word hybridity. As long as a reader fully understands terms and the different viewpoints of hybridity, syncretization, diaspora and orientalism, along with the background of the authors and their point of view, they will be able to get a fully developed understanding of post-colonial literature.

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