Undertale Soundtrack by Toby Fox

7 July 2019

The background of the game you are playing spirals and blooms into lively music that comes to life around you.
The soundtrack of aforementioned game Undertale, the new role-playing game entirely made by Toby Fox (including the soundtracks) tells a stunning story through even more fascinating music. The different pieces flow together to form one expansive tale. The songs have just enough similarities to unite the album while still being individual, unique tracks. As you go down the track list you can hear a story happen with memorable sequences and events shown with the album’s wide range from electronic music to rich orchestrals.
“Waterfall” and “Another Medium” are two of my favorites. With beautiful sounds and moving instrumentals and sound effects that will send echoes, they easily are the highlights of the album. “Waterfall’s” change from chilling chimes to intense orchestrals with an ending reminiscent of the beginning is a perfect pair with “Another Medium’s” hauntingly beautiful sounds supported by jaw dropping electronic beats. However, not all the tracks are haunting and orchestral.
Another notable track is “Death by Glamour” which will make you dance to the vibrant music. The bouncy and electronic rhythms are sure to capture your into the beats. Not be outdone is “Spider Dance”, which has rapid electronic beats that combine together together to form a mysterious dance of notes. Together the songs provide some of the features of the middle of the album, revolving around character traits and important scenes.
As the story of the journey underground draws to an end, the music conveys it too. “The Choice” is an absolutely moving piece with the right pace and sounds that make you feel like you are in a beautiful, suspenseful, yet harmonic wonderland. The album concludes with the complex, moving piece “Asgore”. Thus, the music beautifully sums and ends the album by reflecting many aspects of the entire track.
So if you want to listen to an album with music that tells a story in a rich and colorful way, give Undertale a listen like thousands have already. If you liked songs for the webcomic Homestuck by Toby Fox such as “MeGaLoVania” and “Moonsetter”, then the Undertale soundtrack will most definitely satisfy your tastes. With songs that will move you to the core but will also lighten your heart at the same time, this album sure won’t disappoint. Are you ready to be whirled away with the music to the domain of Undertale?

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