8 August 2019

Tool – “Undertow”

Don’t get “caught in the undertow” as too many unsuspecting people may find themselves. Go out to your local record store and buy Tool’s release, “Undertow.”

A group featured on last year’s Lollapalooza tour, Tool’s popularity comes mostly from the now widespread air-play and video-play of their first single, “Sober.” A song for those who believe that misery loves company, “Sober” includes the lines “I will find a center in you/I will chew it up and leave/ I will work to elevate you/Just enough to bring you down.”

Another highlight featured on “Undertow” is the guest appearance of Henry Rollins on the very bass-heavy track “Bottom.” When the song reaches a lull before the musical storm, Rollins bears his “poetic soul” and lashes out with, “If I let you/you would make me destroy myself./In order to survive you/I must first survive myself,” and other hard statements.

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Along with the highly recommended titles “Intolerance” and “Swamp Song,” there is the humorous, yet slightly hypocritical track, “Disgustipated,” a fifteen-minute song at the very end. It is suggested to the listener to keep the CD/tape playing even if “Undertow” seems to be over.

“Disgustipated” starts out with a sarcastic look at evangelism, then fades into an almost industrial sounding rhythm and non-annoying repetitive chorus, plus a surprise ending.

For pure musical enjoyment, rush to your local music store for the “Undertow” that’s fun for all. .

Review by R. A., Shrewsbury, MA

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