Undisputed Attitude

Do you like punk rock? If so, do you think it’s lost its aggression and intensity? If you think so, check out “Undisputed Attitude” from Slayer. This album pays homage to the great punk bands of the ’80s. Besides the tribute, I think Slayer is trying to send a message to the punk bands of the ’90s, a wake-up call to those who are turning punk rock into alternative rock or alternative punk: this should not happen. This album possess much aggression and rage, a punk rocker’s dream album. It consists of fourteen heart-pounding tracks, thirteen of which are punk covers and one is new Slayer material. This album was a surprise because Slayer is known as a speed metal band not a punk band. Nevertheless, this album is a wicked hit with me and it should be with most Slayer fans. Another attribute of the album is that it rips though the fourteen songs in a lightning fast 33:04. When you listen to it, it seems longer. The most interesting thing about the album is that, if you’re listen closely, about five or six songs seem connected. My advice to punk fans is that you should find some way to get this Slayer release. My advice to the diehard Slayer fans is, give this album a shot, (if you didn’t buy it the day it hit the store like I did). If you’re a metal or punk fan this album is 100% essential. I would give this album a 10. If you don’t have this yet, and you are a punk or metal fan, you don’t know what you are missing! .

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