Unemployment Among University Graduates in Malaysia.

4 April 2017

Today, we can see the unemployed graduates become increase until the certain parties have to address this situation. The finding of the Ministry’s Graduate Tracer Study 2006, 30. 7% of graduates remained unemployed six months after convocation, while 5. 7% were still waiting job placement . According to the Minister of Human Resources, the number of unemployment female graduates is also much higher on comparison male graduates.

In view of this, there is a pressing need for the education authorities and employers to look into the cause of unemployment among new university graduates and find solution to address this problem. Firstly, the cause of unemployed graduates nowadays is the incompatibility in the focus of higher education institutions and the needs of labor market. The reason for that is lack in compatibility as compared to the situation twenty years ago. In addition, there is an increase of competitiveness and volatility in the labor market.

Unemployment Among University Graduates in Malaysia. Essay Example

The work environment nowadays require graduates to have some work experiences in order to the requirement of qualified employee. Besides that, incompatibility in the knowledge acquired in higher education institution is one of the factor. The second reason is lack of experiences and skills among the university graduates. Most of organizations today prefer to have graduates with experience to ensure the employers sustain their economic competitiveness.

The number of unemployed female graduates is much higher in comparison male graduates. Moreover, those graduates with essential skills are more preferable compared to them who does not have any skills. They also should have proficiency in English. Other than that, university graduates have to possess their interpersonal skills in order to decrease the number of unemployment among them. One of the most appropriate way on how to overcome this problem is the responsible authorities should introduce programmes for fresh graduates.

The Ministry of Human Resources’ Unemployed Graduates Training Scheme is an example of training programme that is used to equip graduates with certain skills and experience . Furthermore, it is maintains that we should have the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs’ recruitment programme to provide employment opportunities to graduates. Besides that, this programme is to expose graduates to opportunities in the private sectors. The last solution for unemployment among university graduates is the Ministry should review the tertiary education system.

This includes the development of soft skills through extra curricular activities. This kind of activities not only to build character but to enhance interpersonal skills. In addition, it also develops a critical and creative thinking among those graduates. It is important for a student to begin accumulating as much work related experience as early as they can. Moreover, the Ministry must continually stimulates students’ minds through discussions and evaluate case studies in order to help higher institutions produce high quality graduates.

In conclusion, there are certain factors that leads to unemployment among university graduates in Malaysia such as mismatch in the focus of higher education and the needs of labor market, and those graduates have low experience and skill. There are many ways to address this situation for example provide specific and extra training to graduates to fulfill industry’s needs, and enhance the management education system. Hopefully, this problem can be defeat slowly in order to expand the economy of our country.

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