Unfair Distribution

5 May 2017

Resources in the world are distributed differently amongst different people. The developed countries are granted with more resources than the developing countries such as countries in Africa. They have to of thrive on the resources of their own countries, most of the time they have no resources at all that can be useful. North Korea has a lack of food and because of that they support their families by eating grass, while the people with power and wealth get sufficient food and clean water. In

Africa people have to bathe, drink and use the washroom in the same river. E Coli and other harmful bacteria are also in these rivers which makes them sick and surprisingly the diseases that kill those people can easily be cured in Canada and other developed countries. Not only that, but they have a lack of water, no electricity and proper health care. Some of these people have never even of electricity or a computer. These people are living like the people in the olden days. This is all because of poverty and their lack of wealth and power.

All of these tragedies are now o be practised as unfair distribution of resources. Water is a form of life. Without it, survival would be impossible. So how would the world react if this vital resource were depleted? Currently, 97. 5 percent of the Earth’s water is salty with only 2. 5 percent left as fresh water. We are lucky to be in Canada and have many fresh water lakes and facilities to clean our water from impurities . People in Africa have very few fresh water sources. These people cannot afford clean water so they drink from filthy rivers with their own feces.

Over 2 million hildren die each year from impure water and diseases that can be cured with the right medicine. Statistics say that people regardless of age, wealthy or poor need at least 20 litres of clean water each day. These tragedies only happen to poor people because of their shortage of wealth and power. Many of them have to travel long distances in order to get water. We are lucky have our water in our homes. People in Africa witness and live through this every day. They only do this for survival and to help their children have a slightly better life than themselves.

Computers, laptops, TVs were created due to the existence of electricity. It created these items and a lot more. It is unimaginable to have a shortage of this resource because of the place we live in. As hard as it may sound, people in developing countries have very little or limited electricity. Those who are poor have never even heard of electricity. Without this resource you never have been able to go on a computer, turn on a light or even turn on the tap. This happens because of the lack of educated people to install electricity.

The people who live in these remote areas don’t even have enough money to get enough food so how can they have the money to get electricity. These countries don’t have enough money to buy nuclear hydroelectric plants. This relates with water filtration systems. This is partially the people are dying from impure water. Now as a result they must boil their water or drink the impure water. Our technology is far advanced from most countries and countries like Africa care about the survival of their people than the installation on electricity.

Health care is really valuable to us and we have it everywhere near us. We are very fortunate to have health care. People in 3rd world countries are not so fortunate and they do not have enough walk in clinics. Sometime they don’t get to see a doctor at all; this is all because of the lack of power, wealth and simply Just selfishness. We take for granted the heath care service, we cry about getting a needle or whine about not going for our yearly check-up. Some people don’t even see the doctor for years. People in Africa die each year from diseases that can be cured with medicine.

People like them are lacking in wealth but they continue survive and live on. The opposite of poverty is not wealth, but it is Justice. That is what these people deserve. Living like the pioneers, drinking dirty water and being illiterate doesn’t stop them from being unhappy. If we really show sympathy to these people than that is what their reflection should be like. Resources such as water electricity and health care are what we take for granted. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This one statement summarizes all the problems and how they can be solved.

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