Unforgettable Memory

Talking about future, the modernization is always a hot issue for people all over the world. As a result, a lot of people have a comfortable life, no cares, no worrying, just be successful while others are conversely in an awful life. So what makes that differences is the past, the past could make people’s future better or vice versal. Then I would like to tell you a story that changed my life, which is unforgettable. When I was in grade fourth, being a class master in my school and passing the examination for students to take part in a special extra class made me very proud.

My family was happy, too and they even offered me everything I wanted. My life seemed to be the best, nothing was important, no pressure and no worrying. But then, it’s worse and even worse than I had expected, that I got an eight mark for the first semester Math exam. I realized that I couldn’t catch up with the special class anymore because I didn’t have the basic knowledge in Math subjects, due to the time which I had spent on playing and priding myself on some rubbish things.

I was worried, even scared of going to school and facing my teacher, who had a lot of expectation in her class master. I didn’t even know how to fix my problem, math became the least subject I liked. When my mother discovered that fact, she was totally disappointed, but she didn’t fancy quarreling me, which made my soul hurt even more that she was sad. “If only she could punish me” – I thought. Then one day, I controlled myself and forced myself to be, again, a hard-working student.

Despite my spirit at that time, I didn’t know how to study effectively that my marks weren’t acceptable for an excellent student. And I knew that, I just didn’t want to find anyone to help because of my arrogance. “No, I can do it” – I stupidly calmed myself. And of course I failed, I couldn’t force myself to study anymore. I gave up. And you guess what? That year I was still an excellent student resulted from a full mark Math examination, which was what I managed to get after having received my teacher’s help.

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