Uniform Crime Reports

12 December 2017

National Incident Based Reporting System and the National Crime Reporting Survey are all major crime reporting systems here in the U.

S. There are advantages and disadvantages to each reporting crime systems towards the law enforcement, victims, and criminals. There is a unique history on how it became and how it all started. These are poplars systems that will keep growing, but may fade in the background as other reporting systems may take its place.Uniform Crime Reports (CUR) include official information about criminal events that has been provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the law enforcement agencies that the said crime was first reported to. I-JAR programs has their advantages, citizens are notified of certain crimes in the area. For citizens who want to know crime rates in their area this is a good benefit.

Mothers who are concerned for their children may also see crime rates in certain schools and neighborhoods hillier are walking through to get to school.

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However, this program is not always accurate which a down-side Is. Law enforcement agencies only report crimes that have been notified to them. Sexual assaults are reported more frequently then breaking and entering and robberies says statistics. There are disadvantages with I-JAR programs on how they define and report cases of people who are raped. When it’s a case of a man raping a women it’s only reported, but not when It’s a man raped or same sex rape Is not reported In the program.

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