6 June 2017

Where do uniforms come from? Uniforms originally came from England in the 16th century. uniforms in England symbolizes the lower class and the orphans, it’s basically they separated children in groups (Viadero 61). A lot of school enforces dress codes instead of uniforms. There are many opinions about requiring school uniforms or not. Many people believe that school uniform have a negative effect. uniforms are more expensive than regular clothes (Larkin 29).

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A student needs at least two sets of uniforms (Riak 71 Some students cant afford two sets of uniforms since they are ard to find, this is why some people doesnt want any part of having to have their child wearing uniforms. Uniforms doesn’t make students any smarter, it doesnt have an effect on their education. It doesn’t motivate them to do better in school just because they are wearing a uniform (Vladero 54). A uniform makes students look more professional (Rlak 65). It makes them look so much nicer if they wore uniforms and clean.

It also prepares them for their future career. Some jobs require employees to be in uniforms. When wearing uniforms you basically know what to expect, unlike people who didnt wear uniforms in their past ives. Wearing uniforms definitely prepares you in your future life. Some parents or debaters view school uniforms as a positive improvement in school. A uniform allows students to focus on school rather than worrying about what theyre going to wear to school the next day or what other students are going to think about their clothes that theVre wearing (Amerding 38).

Some students gets distracted by what their wearing and what other students are wearing. Wearing uniforms force students to find other ways to express themselves. For example they can express themselves y what they Ilke to do during school; they can Join a club that they really like or getting Involved In a sport that they really like. There are a lot of things students that can express themselves without getting mad; because they’re forced to wear uniforms and that they think they can’t express themselves when wearing uniforms. It also makes the students equal (Riak 68).

Students that are poor are usually the target to be make fun of because the way they dress, like wearing old used clothes that they bought from the second hand store. Having uniforms eliminates bullying ther students based on what theyre wearing. It also eliminates students hiding weapons In their street clothes (Larkin 33). some students wear baggy clothes that can hide weapons in it and bring to school. This is why schools want students to wear uniforms to protect other students from getting hurt. Wearing unforms also prevents students from wearing their gang colors and signs (Larkin 33). It prevents them from fighting against each other.

Students are calm and chill if they’re wearing the same thing It reduces violence, and they can worry about school work rather than fighting (Madero 55). The positive things about unitorms are that it the students are on a tield trip they are easy to spot because everyone is wearing the same uniforms (Larkin 31). If for instance a student gets lost a teacher can describe them to the police of what they are wearing, and they can easily track them down since not everyone are wearing the same uniforms as their school (Larkin 31). When a stranger comes to school they can easily spot them, because they are not wearing uniforms (Wilde 13).

It also prevents students from skipping classes, because if someone sees them walking or if they are t the mall, people can identify what uniform they are wearing and they can easily call the school and tell them that a student is skipping school and that student gets in trouble. Wearing uniforms improved, “28 percent drop in suspension rates at the elementary level, a 36 percent decrease in fghts in grade k-8 and a 34 percent drop in assault and battery in elementary and middle schools” (Madero 57). Some schools are allowing students to wear other colors of pods and pants, also other brands.

Students can wear different brands of clothes but it has to follow the rules of their niforms. Girls can now wear skirts but it has to be in a certain length (Long Beach Unified School District: A Uniform Success Story? 9). For the parents who are worried about the cost of the uniforms the school board are trying to help people that needs help by giving them the uniforms for free or they can cut the price down a little for those who needed help and that can’t afford to pay uniforms for their children (Long Beach Unified School District: A uniform Success Story? 7). For some school that doesn’t have to wear uniforms, they have a dress code.

Dress codes are basically rules of what not to wear to school. Some students are always finding ways to wear clothes that they are not supposed to wear, and they sometimes get away with it. If students do get caught with not following with the dress code they get in trouble or they let students call their parent to bring them a set of clothes that are appropriate for them to wear. “Students are always trying to find ways to express their unique identities”. They don’t want anyone stop them from wearing the clothes that they like, that expresses themselves. That’s the biggest ssue, students wants freedom from wearing what they want to wear.

Since they are already have to go to school and kids are not a fan of going to school and now they want them to wear uniforms, it make them even more upset having to wear uniforms in school and getting make fun of by other school because they are wearing uniforms. This is why school officials are enforcing uniforms, because students always find ways to get around the dress code (Modenbach 24). It really doesn’t matter if kids are wearing uniforms or having to have dress codes they will always ind a way to get around the rules because they are kids and they’ll do whatever they can to not follow the rules.

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