Union Station Massacre

4 April 2015
A discussion of the Kansas City Union Station Massacre that occurred in 1933.

A scene-by-scene account of the massacre that took place on June 17, 1933 by Frank “Jelly” Nash . It provides a background bio of the murderer, describing his previous crimes and convictions. It then provides details of the events as they unfolded, the shootout itself and the police actions that followed. Investigations and follow-up reports are also analyzed.
“The massacre all began several months before June 1933. Frank “Jelly” Nash was a famous murderer, train robber, and underworld figure. “He had been involved in crime for 20 years, since 1913, when he and a young crony robbed a bank at Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Although barely out of his teens, Nash was ruthless: he killed his pal by shooting him in the back and ran off with all of the bank loot. Nash was captured and sentenced to life in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester” (Breuer 78).”

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