Unique Experience

12 December 2018

How you ever had a unique experience? During the summer of 2008, I was offered a wonderful job. As a nanny, to Kadin, almost three, and baby Taylor, 8 months. I knew it would be hard but, I always had a blast with these kids and grew very close to the Larsen family. I was there for a sick baby, a preschooler learning shapes, letters, and his name. Over the months I watched the kids five days a week, 12 hours a day. We were so close that we even had nicknames for each other. Kadin was my silly boy, and Taylor my sissy. Their mom worked at home, so she was close by, but she would lock herself in her room. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Kadin went to preschool. “Silly boy,” I yelled up the stairs, as he comes running down dressed and ready for the day. That one summer day was nice outside. With Kadin in school and Mom out, I had baby Taylor all alone. At one point, I knew we were both bored, so I decided to go outside for some fresh air. Not expecting anything to happen, I put the pink flower blanket down on the grass. Taylor played a while and was enjoying it. Soon after Bailey, their big, but very sweet dog came over, I thought Bailey was going to lick Taylor, but instead threw up on her! She was covered head to toe in vomit. When I didn’t react quickly enough, Taylor decided to put her vomit covered hand in her mouth, what a normal reaction for an 8 month old. I wanted to cry and laugh, but Taylor didn’t think anything of it. I took charge and gave her a bath, washing her bald little head three times. I had to take care of two kids and I would have never thought this would happen. I didn’t know I would have to make such a quick decision in such a short time. Caring for someone is hard and I enjoyed the fact that I was there to experience that. I had to work fast just for Taylor. I wouldn’t change anything for that summer.

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