unit 2

What was Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s primary goal during negotiations with Britain and the United States at Yalta and Potsdam?
establishing a buffer zone
In 1946, Bernard Baruch proposed a plan to the UN Atomic Energy Commission to ban future development of nuclear weapons. Why did Soviet leaders reject this plan?
They felt they were being unfairly denied the right to develop their own nuclear weapons
Which of these committed the United States to a foreign policy based on containment of communism?
the Truman Doctrine
Which of these was the primary goal of the Marshall Plan?
to promote democracy in Europe by rebuilding war-torn economies
The Truman Docrine orginally develop becauseof the communist threat to
Turkey and Greece.
The earliest and most seriuos failure of the United Nations involved its inability to
control atomic energy
Before World War II, both the United States and the Soviet Union
had been isolated
This aid program refleced the Truman’s Doctrine’s goals
Marshall Plan
This was the Soviet version of the Marshall Plan,
Molotov Plan
conference that divided post war germany
yalta conference
finalized post war plans for germany
potsdam conference
the working class in a society.
This is a U.S. foreign policy
truman doctrine
This is an economic system in which the people, often under supervision of the state, jointly own the means of production and distribution.
This is a political theory that advocates ownership of the means of production, such as factories and farms, by the people rather than by capitalists and landowners
This is a system in which the government totally controls all aspects of a society, including the economy.
Why was NATO created?
To unite the Western powers against possible invasion by the USSR
Warsaw Pact was signed
To create an Eastern bloc alliance to counter NATO
Why did Great Britain, France, and Israel launch a surprise attack on Egypt in 1956?
Egyptian president seized control of the Suez Canal
The Soviet Union’s brutal response to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution demonstrated the ineffectiveness of the U.S. strategy of
Massive retaliation
Truman fired General MacArthur for
Publicly criticizing Truman
Truman’s response to the Berlin Blockade was to?
airlift all necessary supplies into Berlin
Which statement best describes the outcome of the Korean War?
North and South Korea remained divided into two countries.
A secret political, economic, or military operation that aims to shape events or influence affairs in a foreign country in order to support the initiating nation’s foreign policy.
covert action
A bomb created by fusing atoms
The combination of deterrence and the willingness to use nuclear weapons came to be known as this.
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