Be able to manage behaviours that disrupt a purposeful learning environment . 0 Be able to promote behaviours that contribute to a purposeful learning environment Be able to promote behaviour and a culture that contributes toa purposeful learning Links to Cre8 for Unit 2: Personalised Learning: As with Unit 1, This Unit accommodates a student’s personalised learning style by taking an individual approach to the learning and assessment. Students are able to apply the theory explore in Unit 1 and apply it to their own area of professional practice to ensure that they understand that they make sense of their learning.

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Practical tasks, especially linked to behaviour anagement are used to ensure that learners improve their effectiveness. A weaknesses. ney w en repeat tne selT assessment later on In tne course to ensure that progress has been made. Curriculum: Although the learning outcomes have been fixed by an external body, we have made sure that they are set out in as clear a manner as possible. The use of technology will be explored in this Unit, both via a role model approach but also as applied to learners own practice.

Realistic Learning: All students will be employed in education and this ensures that the course is realistic and relevant to everyone. The learners can contribute to the curriculum via the negotiated part of the syllabus. Employability: As all students are currently employed, the focus is on promotion and career development and to aid this the curriculum will be modified where necessary to ensure that it is vocational relevant for each student.

Assessment: A submission based assessment will be used where students propose their submission and then discuss it with their tutor. This ensures that the assessment is focussed on student’s skills and attributes. The outcomes of Unit 1 will be used to help decide on the assessment for this Unit. Unit Three

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