Unit Title Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

10 October 2016

There are many department in health and social care, there are provides health care practices in various different of organisations by considering the philosophy of care that provide the rights of the patient. The care practice provides the great support to the patient by providing their protection and make sure they are safe in all aspects of the care organisation and service.

The philosophy of care they recognise the benefits of the patient through on agreed care plan that reflect the individual needs of the patient upon an individual assessment through person centred approach. The career bring the good support to the patient by resolving their dilemmas and conflict within the implementation of the practices as per the legislation, regulations, policies, charters and code of conduct in place in the several types of organisation. All help the support a career bring to the patients are value and principles that are implemented within mutually agreeable. . 1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice. They are 5 principles in health and social care practices: confidentiality, communications, promoting antidiscrimination practice, rights, and also acknowledging individuals believe and identities. Confidentiality is very important in health and social care, because it’s private information, no patient wants their records on show for everyone to see. Plus, I think the amount of patients would decrease because people would then be scared to seek help.

Unit Title Principles of Health and Social Care Practice Essay Example

Confidentiality is a human right. Some people are really personal and keep themselves to themselves, while others tell everyone and the world about themselves. People have different ideas and different ways of doing things and we should respect and celebrate the differences that people bring with them having the same value and rights as other. Equal access and equal chances to achieve and get the same things as others in society. 1. 2 Outline the procedure for protecting client, patients and colleagues from harm.

Hazard is anything around people that can cause them injury or harm or is obstacle which can occur be everywhere or anywhere. It can be physical, chemical, biological, psychological or social. Avoiding the people to stay in main entrance; ensure that nothing can distribute people in main entrance; avoid the materials around the main entrance; Having adequate infection and disease control inside the Residential Home Care; A check up should be done every six months to all care workers and clients who attend Residential Care Home to make sure everybody is in good condition.

It is required to take precaution and apply the measures of basic hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation. For example: the staffs need to wash hands every time they do their work and have to be like routine task; They must to wear gloves when they are assisting clients, for their personal needs (toiletry, bathing, washing, shower, changing nappies or dressing) and they have to clean correctly the used material. 1. 3 Analyse the benefit of following a person approach with users of health and social care services.

Once health service and social service are working in partnerships, the person who received the services will have a lot of advantages. The service user is in the central of them, and each service will behave in a professional method to the service user, that why they will put together the diverse ability and knowledge for the advantage of the service user. The reason of working in partnership is Holistic approach, promote integration, reduce duplication, pool resources, maximize expertise, and ensure a consistent approach.

Protect the services user from abuse, because each service will treat her as an individual and with respect. To build teams and to work in them, there needs to be clarity of what is expected of team members. Whatever roles individuals have within the practice team, others will have certain expectations. These expectations relate to how the role is perceived and the assumptions made about that role. Tension and conflict can arise if others are unclear about an individual’s role or if they cannot make clear distinctions between roles and responsibilities of others. . 4 Explains ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise when providing care, support and protection to users’ health and social care service Health care For example ; if the patient not happy about the doctor(he/she ) change is medication, this is a cold conflict because she/ he not happy. for examples if a patients does not speak English very well that might lead to lack of treatment or lead to misunderstanding care worker’s language. That might be a barrier to explain her sickness or situation to the many people.

She might not communicate properly or explain everything on the front of people who she/he did not know before. It could be a barrier for her/him to be open. She/he might not be able to read the leaflets, maps or signs direction that present to the hospital that should direct her/him to find ways or destinations. She/he might lost or point to the wrong place and stays there for long without treatment because of lack of language and she might miss lot of opportunities because of lack of language.

The resolution of conflict cannot rest in the hands of one or two individuals. All stakeholders in a situation must be involved–for legal as well as ethical reasons. Medical decisions often involve a multidisciplinary team that consists of some or all of the following: patient, family, significant others, nurses, dieticians, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists, clergy, and so forth.

In this way, the knowledge, opinions, and expertise of all “stakeholders” in the decisions are considered. The same principle can be applied in business, with decisions based on the expressed viewpoints of all stakeholders in a given situation–even indirect stakeholders. Potential clients should also be recognized as stakeholders because their choice to do business with a firm may be based on the firm’s reputation for ethical behaviour.

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