United States Declaration of Independence and Paine

What is parallelism, or parallel structure? “from The Autobiography: The Declaration of Independence. ” Jefferson states that the king has established tyranny over the Colonies. How does Jefferson back up this statement? Why was the passage condemning Britain’s Involvement In the African slave trade was struck out of the original Declaration of Independence? Why did Jefferson believe it is Important to show how the original version of the Declaration of Independence was amended? In the opening paragraphs, whom does Thomas Jefferson refer to as “pusillanimous”?In the Declaration of Independence, the words “governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes” and their supporting passages suggest what? According to the way Jefferson has edited this draft of the Declaration of Independence, the phrase “with a firm reliance on the protection of providence” in the second to last paragraph was..

… ? What authority does the United States of America in General Congress cite in Its Declaration of Independence? “from The Autobiography”, “from Poor Richards Almanacs. ” Why does Franklin arrives in Philadelphia in his working dress?In this selection from his autobiography, what does Franklin seems most eager to portray? How does Franklin ranks the virtues (according to what? )? What probable reason does Franklin suggest for his giving the boatmen his only shilling, even though Franklin did the rowing? Why does Franklin place the attainment of virtues in a numerical order? 1 Pain argues that the best way to defeat the British is for what to happen/be done? Pain suggests that a state that surrenders its arms to the British would have to do what? By comparing the British king to a thief and a housebreaker, Pain suggests what about the British?In his conclusion, how does Pain intend to inspire readers? Which anecdote does Pain use in the selection? When Pain says, “though the flame of liberty may sometimes cease to shine, the coal can never expire,” he is using analogy to suggest what? Whom does Pain label a “Scottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man”? What kind of war does Pain describe as “murder”? When Pain begins his speech with the phrase “These are the times that try men’s souls,” he is suggesting what about the colonists? “Speech to the Virginia Convention. ” Henry points out a contradiction between British claims and presence, such as?Henry recounts several instances in which the colonists sought agreement and acceptable terms with the British. He reviews these incidents in order to persuade the delegates of what? Henry states that the colonists have the advantage over the British because the colonists have what? Why does Henry advocates immediate action by the colonists? What is the main purpose of Patrick Henrys speech? Why does Henry seeks to dissuade the delegates from resorting to argument? To whom is Henry addressing when he uses the word “sir”? When Henry uses the words “chains and slavery’ near the end of his speech, What is he referring to?

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