United States Postal Service Synthesis Paper Essay Sample

9 September 2017

If I were the current Chief executive officer for the United States Postal Service. I would be soberly concerned about the hereafter of my concern. as it has late taken a steep plumb bob from its success and popularity in the 19th and twentieth centuries. The USPS is now faced with the determination to restitute itself due to the utmost loss of concern as engineering takes over the twenty-first Century. Some say that the USPS should be wholly reconstructed because the concern is merely headed farther downhill. while others say that paper mail is still really practical. more so than electronic mail. and we must each compose more letters to make our portion in resuscitating the concern to profitableness once more. Because the USPS has been such a critical portion of our state through its part to communicating and employment. the organisation needs to remain afloat by cutting back on bringing yearss. strategically rebranching throughout the state. and recapturing the importance of itself through advertisement. in order to accommodate to the new technology-based epoch.

The uninterrupted loss of gross for the USPS can be alleviated by merely extinguishing two or three mail bringing yearss every hebdomad. The concern sunk like the Titanic merely three old ages ago. when “the Postal Service experienced a 13 per centum bead in mail volume… more than double any old worsening and lost $ 3. 8 billion” ( Source C ) . Unfortunately. the job is merely predicted to deteriorate with even “steeper beads in mail volume and revenue” expected in the following decennary ( Source C ) . Some experts disagree. and argue that increasing service is the reply. Selling professor Richard Honack advises. “don’t bead from six- to five-day bringing ; travel the other way” ( Source A ) . On the other manus. Source F argues that “eliminating Saturday mail bringing would salvage $ 40 billion over a decennary. ” whereas Honack states no warrants in money addition or nest eggs. Having mail delivered four or five yearss a hebdomad is a necessary solution for the USPS. in a clip where gross loss continues to worsen.

The USPS must cut down on employment and bringing costs by re-evaluating its location scheme and rebranching. Particularly in urban metropoliss bombinating with the latest engineering. many would hold that. “you don’t necessitate a full-service station office every few blocks in New York. for example” ( Source A ) . In add-on. I spend every summer with my pa in Chicago. and because there is a USPS station office right around the corner of our flat edifice. I have noticed from go throughing it every twenty-four hours that it is the one shop on State Street that is empty 90 per centum of the clip. In my experience. Postmaster General John Potter is right in desiring to “close and consolidate 154 station offices” . significantly cut downing runing costs and employment. Strategy is cardinal ; by closing down the offices with the lowest production and necessity. USPS will no longer be uselessly passing money. Another point the USPS should take into consideration when restructuring. is that it is excessively easy for most Americans nowadays to bury the significance of a manus written missive or card. when we can pass on within seconds through engineering.

Come to believe of it. I remember running to the letter box in exhilaration every November to roll up a particular. tap birthday card from my grandmother with her mussy longhand scrawled across the envelope. Now. my “special” birthday wants are in a 30 2nd voice mail she leaves from her cell phone every twelvemonth. The USPS must remind us of the important difference it can do in communicating by recapturing its emotional importance through advertisement. Though the USPS has been around for over 200 old ages. “no one knows what the Postal Service stands for” ( Source A ) . Making a new motto that emotionally connects to today’s universe of digital indigens. and represents the intent of USPS. will promote consumers to back up the company.

Futurist Watts Wacker agrees. “A company’s trade name is its most valuable tool or its biggest liability” . and with a new logo and motto. America will be reminded that “an antique. manus written missive has value in this speed-obsessed world” ( Source F ) . The USPS must take advantage of how engineering has transformed America. and entreaty to the bosom alternatively of the clock or billfold. Despite the dramatic ruin USPS has taken as the twenty-first Century makes its manner hand-in-hand with engineering. the company can still continue itself if it cuts back on service and use the right location and selling schemes. The USPS offers many advantages for the mean client. as it is cheaper than its rivals. provides 100s of 1000s of occupations across the state. and allows communicating for those who may non hold entree to the cyberspace or other engineering. The USPS must retrace itself to run into the demands of today’s society. It has ever been a important portion of our state in the yesteryear. and it still can be for old ages to come.

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