Universal Mother

Sinead O’Connor’s new album, “Universal Mother” hit the music stores in the fall. The album cover (which suspiciously resembles one of those “Magic Eye 3-D” pictures) was painted by Sinead, herself. After the controversy she created by shredding the picture of the Pope, she declared she was going to quit the music industry due to the negative reaction she garnered. But, Sinead is back! “Universal Mother” hopefully will get her off on a new, more positive start. This album is not as enthralling as her debut album, “The Lion and the Cobra” which is her best, but it is personal and all of the songs are emotionally honest as always. As expected, “Universal Mother” has a few raging songs such as “Red Football” in which Sinead chants lyrics like “I’m not no animal in the zoo/I’m not no whipping boy for you.” “Famine” is a rap song in which she protests the injustices against Ireland accompanied by a constant howling sound. Not all of her songs are angrily expressed. In fact, most of her songs are gentle and sweet-natured. “My Darling Child” is a lullaby which is probably addressed to her young son, Jake (who also wrote and sang a short song of his own called “Am I a Human”). “Scorn Not His Simplicity” is about a little boy’s isolation and loneliness and Sinead’s voice is at its best in the song “John, I Love You.” At first listening, the songs may sound repetitious. However, this is one of those albums that you have to listen to a few times before you really appreciate it. The songs mentioned are the ones that reveal the multiple ranges of her voice. So, go out and treat yourself to Sinead O’Connor’s phenomenal voice with this album

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