Universe and Illuminati God Essay Sample

9 September 2017

God created the Universe and adult male. this is what the bible says about the beginning of the existence but they didn’t know about what things happened on the twenty-four hours that Eve married woman of Adam was made. It all started with Lucifer he was the caput of all God’s angels. but he was non contented with his power. He wants to hold all the power in the Universe like God. He doesn’t desire to be a portion of God’s Kingdom but to be like God so he formed angels of his ain. These angels were armored with rage and there wings were every bit black as onyx. When God knew about it he called up Lucifer and allow him explicate. but Lucifer filled himself with pride and enraged God so God send Lucifer to the mortal universe to endure together with his angels. When Lucifer bead to set down he take signifier of a snake and manipulate Eve’s head so there all of his programs started.

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After a few old ages Lucifer took human signifier and established a land to kill all the Christians in England. The knights were called Mason and the Templar knights didn’t stand a opportunity when the Mason gathered all the Christians they went to Fort Fleridel Banza where they tied all the Christians and forced them to deny at that place God. those who didn’t convert were burned to ashes.

After all those the illuminati was made it was for told that there would be 10 illuminati Prophetss that would come to the universe and would convey catastrophe. but when the 3rd prophesier came he was killed and the concatenation was broken and it spread to all of the people in the universe.

By now all the people in the universe possesses an evil aura that came out of the prophesier. but there is no demand to worry for this won’t affect any the people every bit long as they have faith. When clip passes fast the following prophesier was born to give catastrophe to the universe and the concatenation continued until the twelvemonth 2000 because the prophesier sacrificed his life to distribute immorality to the universe. After all the phenomenon that happened everyone has lost hint on how many Prophetss had done at that place responsibility to this universe. Merely one thing was certain that the last prophesier used all his energy to confound the defenders of religion. so that they won’t know who would be the following prophesier. Some say that the prophesier was Madonna. Nicki Minaj. Lady Gaga. Justine Bieber and many more no 1 can state because of that catastrophe but one thing for certain the terminal is droning near and all of us will travel to judgement.

It was told in a narrative that the 9th prophesier will decease and the 10th will take the topographic point. After a few yearss in place he reveals himself as the last prophesier of the illuminati and spread to the universe immorality. He will give himself the rubric as the swayer of the universe and the mortal signifier of Lucifer. Then the Nuclear War ( 3rd World War ) would go on and all hope is lost. They say that the younger coevals has misfortune but one thing they didn’t know that they have the ability to salvage world from evil and salvage their psyches from being burnt everlastingly in snake pit. They say on the 3 yearss of darkness the immature coevals would function as the beginning of hope for world. The destiny of the universe lies in your custodies.

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