University Change Me in 3 Ways

11 November 2016

If i could have repeated my life, would it be different when something occurring before is substituted for another event? Probably, many trivial things that did nothing to my values and weltanschauung, which would be forgotten at once or a few days later wouldn’t work. Studying in the university, however, deeply changed my life in 3 principal ways that cultivate me to be better man To start with, study in university conveyed to me the methods and value of learning. As most people perceive, the curriculum of university teach us more about the means of learning and the meanings of learning rather than the limited knowledge taught in the class.

The methods of learning vary from different people and different major, but the basic method concerns self-studying, which provide me with more specialized knowledge than that supplied in class. When I got used to learn by myself, spontaneously, I comprehended the meaning of learning that a student can sense what he or she should learn more and at a deeper level. For another thing, numerous students leave home to live in a remote area where they have never been before for the first time. Therefore, enrolling in the university taught me to lead a much more independent life than ever before.

University Change Me in 3 Ways Essay Example

Lots of “first-time” issues popped up since I embarked on my daily life of study in university including getting up without being called up by parents, studying in library with self-discipline while others were playing computer games, putting up with awful habits and behavior of roommates, falling asleep in clamorous circumstances and so forth, which add to better characters of me. What’s more, during my junior year, my university offered me a good chance to study abroad as an exchange student at Inha university of Korea.

The trip is extraordinary indeed that expanded my outlook, trained my communicating skills, and moreover, improved my ability to handle precipitating incidents. Last, but certainly not the least concerns that university education made engaged me in the progressive pursuit of my future career. What distinct me from a technique-deep worker perhaps concerns how i value holistic education. I became sort of conceited for such a period of time in my major, but when I step higher, I see further. Becoming more competent is a gateway to survive in reality, which seems not enough.

Conversely, it is the room for my constant professional growth and career advancement that gain me the sense of fulfillment. The deeper I dove into my major, the more ignorant I found myself to be. “Stay foolish, stay hungry” is what should be borne in mind life-long. To conclude, the university study unraveling the mystery of surviving the professional fields and achieving accomplishments made me all prepared for the further study and work hereafter, far from being an amateur, which absolutely changed my notion, values and life.

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