University of Chicago Question why Nader Namini Asl

6 June 2018

Looking through name of these colleges and what the students ho are currently attending it are saying about them on the Quest Bridge, University Of Chicago was the top college among the class Of 2018 and 2017.

This significant rate of appreciation that students had for Chicago and its lifestyle gave me an insight of what learning at and attending Chicago will look like and whether or not it will be a good fit for my character.Therefore, I started to have conversations and interactions with students currently attending Chicago more closely and they gave information about their experience at Chicago and how it has impacted their character, in a positive way. Life at Chicago is not focused on academics and while there is a Core curriculum, you have the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities that will make you familiar with the college, they said.Having researched about Chassis’s academic level and performances, I was astounded to find out that such a top-notch university in academics creates such a flexible lifestyle for its students, so that while pursuing their passion, they can enjoy their time at the college. My ambitious character has always sought a place where it would be most valued and free to strive and make its best effort. University of Chicago, with its friendly and ebullient environment, offers a community in which I can thrive and make my best efforts to achieve academic and non-academic accomplishments.My main reason to migrate to the US has been to seek a place where my learning is not bounded to any limits and is affecting my character and personality in a positive way.

University of Chicago Question why Nader Namini Asl Essay Example

Therefore, having a diverse environment, university of Chicago and its community have the capability to affect and impact my character through interactions with other intellectually-stimulated students and the learning environment created by them and my own desires.

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