University Plagiarism List

A lot of research and evidence has shown that students cheating is the biggest problem today, it is well-known in academic field. In recent years, the placement of a large group of student availability depends on technology and online sources, rather than critical thinking and analysis of the conclusion of the subject matter, they rely on the use of online resources, it is the wrong way, and it is called plagiarism. Plagiarism has become a serious topic, discussed in this era of higher education.

This is an academic dishonesty which is composed of many students who are unaware of academic ethics. By schools, colleges and university students completed the serious problem of plagiarism. However, the number of students from the university plagiarism sit. According to the survey by McClellan (2003), one third of assignments submit to UK universities are popularized from the internet. University students in plagiarism because lack of time, confidence and stress, the same research work, submit multiple purposes, reference and references.

Plagiarism may occur accidental or intentionally. Whether plagiarism is how it happened, it is illegal, do no accept any university. Each university in the academic field has been reputation their motto is to provide quality education to the students on the basis of new knowledge to generate new ideas and old ideas of analysis or research (Crooning 2003). This is the reputation of the university, if the student submission is plagiarism, which is not acceptable, the university has to punish those students.

The other hand, the basic objective is to establish education students create and analyses opinions and generate their own ideas. What is plagiarism, but simply repeat old ideas without new ideas, which do no meet the educational objectives of the institute. University using different anti-plagiarism software to detect whether the work is original. Because plagiarism punishment university student, exulting in failure or resubmit it again. Nevertheless, submitting the dissertation of the research is the most essential phase in university.

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