Uniwide Coastal Mall Case Analysis Essay Sample

8 August 2017

β€œWhy is the UNIWIDE- COASTAL MALL non commercialize? ” It is the job that this instance was seeking to understand and set a solution excessively. And why does this promenade continuously fall down. even the rabble stops to see and sponsor the topographic point? And because of that. the promenade can’t set up the gross revenues that they need in order for them to advance their concern. V. S. W. O. T. ANALYSIS:

* Location
* Many client base on ballss
* Transport Terminal
* Lack of Security
* Poor and Old Facilities
* Polluted Environment
* Less Competitors within the Vicinity
* Stall Vacancy
* Dominant
* Baclaran Public Market
* New Malls rises
* Free Spear Sellers near the Vicinity
* Renovate the whole Constitution
* Improve the direction by the agencies of enrolling new originative and gifted employee * Create more Advertisement to advance the promenades

VII. Recommendation:
Act I
In order for the company to pull new and more client even those who seeks for occupation chance.

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the direction must restitute their installations to do the client. specially the people who passes by the country. what are the alterations and chance that awaits them. ACT 2

And when the invention of the promenade takes topographic point. they must besides engage the encephalons of the new direction that will gives new originative thoughts that will better non merely the installations but besides the gross revenues of the promenade. ACT 3

Last. as the promenade has its new face and stronger direction that will construct new advertizement that will advance the promenade that will do its rejoinder to the concern universe. VIII. Plan OF Action:
* Recruitment
* Proper preparation to new employee
* Find fresh and new faces that will stand for the promenade
* Create their ain subject vocal

Selling Department:
* Schedule amusement plans that will suits the different type of promenade departers.
* Create promos and competition that will acquire the involvement of the consumers ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT:
* Keep path of their books of the history
* Always record all the minutess of the company

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