Unthinkable a New Kind of Love Song by Alicia Keys

11 November 2018

Unthinkable by Alicia Keys is a phenomenal song on her new album As I Am. “Why give up before we try Feel the lows before the highs.” It motivates me to try and become the virtuous women she is. It talks about not giving up and deserving to be treated right. IT’S ABOUT TIME A WOMAN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY STANDS UP FOR WHAT OUR WOMEN DESERVE!!! Every time it comes on the radio I blast it. This song is my jam and I think I am getting all my friends hooked on it too. This song is not one of the slow boring love songs and that’s why I like it; it has a nice little tune to it. Ghee I am tired of hearing about how men cheat on women and how they move on and find something better and blah blah blah. JUST WAIT your guy will come; ever consider that’s why all of your choices haven’t been working? Singing about it isn’t going to change much; other than letting out what you feel inside, but the choice you made is going to remain the same.

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