Untitled Essay Research Paper One day a

7 July 2017

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Untitled Essay, Research Paper

One twenty-four hours, a adult female called herself? Want the Truth in Westport? wrote to a editorialist with a inquiry that she had to hold the answered. ? Please happen out for certain, ? she begged the editorialist, ? whether or non Oprah Winfrey has had a facelift. ? The editorialist refused to reply the inquiry for Ms. Winfrey? s privateness. I? m disturbed by this incident. I think it? s truly atrocious to be a famous person because he or she is ever in the public eyes. Because they are famous persons, they have excessively small privateness, excessively much force per unit area, and no safety. They have really nerve-racking lives.Probably the most good known consequence of being famous persons is that they wear? Ts have the privateness that normal people have. Their most personal item lives are all over the forepart of pages of the Globe so that world-weary people can read them. Even a famous person? s household is put into the limelight. Like a teenage boy? s apprehension for pot ownership or a married woman? s imbibing job becomes the topic of headlines. Besides, famous persons are hounded by lensmans at places, eating houses, and streets. Those lensmans merely hope to acquire a image of a Cindy Crawford in rollers or a Bruce Wills imbibing a beer. When famous persons try to make something that normal people do, like eat out or go to to watch a football game, they have to run the hazard of being interrupted by car graph hounds or

fans.The fact that celebrities? physical appearance is always under observation caused them under constant pressure. Especially for those famous women who have to suffer from the people?s spotlight, like ?she really looks old? or the ? she puts on weight?. Moreover, photographers want to get unflattering pictures of celebrities because they can be sold by a high prize. Therefore, this increases the pressure to force celebrities to look good all the timeThe most important effect of being celebrities is they must deal with the stress of being in constant danger. Those friendly grabs, hugs, and kisses of fans can quickly into uncontrolled assaults on celebrities? bodies and cars. Celebrities often get strange letters from people who become obsessed with them or from people who threaten to hurt them. Worst of all, threats can turn into real to hurt celebrities. The attempt to kill Ronald Reagan and the murder of John Lennon is because two people tried to transfer the celebrity?s fame to themselves.Some people dream of being celebrities, and their names in light, and their pictures on the cover of magazines. I?m not one of them, though. A famous person gives up private life, feels pressured all the time, and is never completely safe. Therefore, let someone else have that cover story. I?d rather lead a normal, but clam, life than a stress-filled celebrity.

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