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7 July 2017

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Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 1 of 14

Section 1.1: Forms Analysis and Design Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by Approved by:1.1 FORMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN


A signifier is fundamentally a fixed agreement of captioned infinites designed

for come ining and

obtaining pre-described information. A signifier is considered

effectual if it

is: ? easy to finish

? easy to utilize

? easy to hive away

? easy to recover information rapidly

? easy to dispose1.1.2 HOW IS IT IMPORTANT?

In a concern, signifiers and design are greatly needed to let the company

to better form the manner they want their concern to run

swimmingly and expeditiously. Although the presence of signifiers and

design in a company ensures that the company will run better, be

able to do better determinations and be able to organize activities

more easy, these signifiers and design plans must be covered in

the companies budget, in footings of costs.

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The company will hold to do certain that its signifiers and designs are a

alone criterion throughout the company and non different in

separate subdivisions of the companies entire make-up. If, by opportunity

the presence of a cosmopolitan signifier in a certain subdivision of the

company is a disadvantage instead than an advantage, the signifiers and

policies of other companies may be looked at in order to rectify the

job. When making a signifier, companies may utilize the same

standard techniques before doing alterations to do the signifier right

for its company.

Some basic techniques are doing certain that the signifier is easy to make full in,

takes minimum clip to stand-in, it has a functional layout and it

contains an attractive ocular visual aspect. After utilizing the basic criterions of signifier design, the signifiers

analysists & # 8217 ; , pass infinite hours doing the design a unique

criterion for their company, while sing every subdivision of the

company, so that the signifier will be utile to every member of the

company.Policies and Procedure Guidlines Page 2 of 14

Section 1.2: Tools and Aids For Forms and Design Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

1.2 TOOLS AND AIDS FOR FORMS DESIGNING Many companies use the same basic tools to plan their signifiers. In the

yesteryear when signifiers were designed, many & # 8220 ; traditional tools & # 8221 ;

were used to plan signifiers. Some of those tools include the

following: ? pencils, erasers

? swayers, trigons

? following paper

? inscription and symbol templets

? film editing tools

? dissembling tape and cellophane tape

? rectification fluid

? rubber cement Now, because of new engineering and easier ways to plan signifiers, most of

these tools are disused. New computing machine hardware and package have

provided many tools and accoutrements which have allowed companies

to develop employees to plan signifiers utilizing these advanced tools.

Software bundles such as Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, which

includes Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint along with

WordPerfect, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and many other package bundles

hold made undertakings easier to finish. Their astonishing accurate and

precise design tools provide & # 8220 ; picture-perfect & # 8221 ; quality.

1.2.1 Computer Hardware and Software

? Pentium Computers

Today most interior decorators use computing machines particularly

Pentium computing machines

because of their velocity and public presentation.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 3 of 14

Section 1.2: Tools and Aids For Forms and Design Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by: ? Corel Draw

There are several different package bundles

that can be used to plan

the signifiers. Many

companies recommend Corel Draw. It is an first-class

pick to utilize for

planing the signifier as you would desire it on paper. There

are first-class designing tools included in

the Corel Package which

allows you to pull lines of any size, colour or form. It besides

allows you to

insert grids, artworks, graphs or images with different boundary line manners and

sizes. ? Microsoft Word

After planing the physical visual aspect of the

signifier with manner and

boundary lines, Microsoft Word will be used to make full in the signifier & # 8217 ; s information

because of the

assorted founts that are available. Besides, Microsoft Word & # 8217 ; s

ability to alter

font size, and either, bold, underline or italicise diction,

will be really utile in the creative activity of

the text that will look in the signifier.

? Microsoft Excel

This subdivision of Microsoft Office can be used by

the interior decorators to plan

grids and graphs

that might be needed to stand for informations in the signifier. Grids

and tabular arraies may be inserted into the signifier

to keep informations that the

applier may necessitate to make full. Different types of graphs such as pie charts,

line graphs,

column graphs and combination graphs may be needed to

represent a

inquiry in the signifier. For illustration, the applier may necessitate to

fill in what

per centum he/she belongs to as compared to the remainder of the

field represented

by the graph. ? Microsoft Access

This subdivision of Microsoft Office can be used to

design databases. The

interior decorators may

privation to include antecedently designed tabular arraies or make new

tabular arraies to infix

into signifiers. They may besides desire to merely include parts of

tabular arraies in which they can make questions

so that the tabular arraies they insert

includes merely the

information that they specified.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 4 of 14

Section 1.2: Tools and Aids For Forms and Design Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by: ? Printers

An Epson III Laser Jet Color Printer can be

used to publish the signifiers. The

optical maser quality

will supply the chip and clear texture of lines and text,

along with bright

colourss to do the signifier more attractive and visually


Although any optical maser pressman, will supply first-class quality, the

colour optical maser jets

pressmans makes the signifiers more attractive because of how

the different

colourss distinguish between the different subdivisions of the form. ? Salvaging Forms

All the signifiers will that are designed by the

company should be backed up

on the difficult thrust

of the computing machines. The signifiers will be saved whether they

were used or non,

in instance of alterations in the signifier & # 8217 ; s design or in instance the

company wants to

better on a antecedently designed signifier. The signifiers will

besides be saved on floppy discs, merely in

instance of viruses, malfunctions in the

computing machine or difficult

thrust upgrading and data format.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 5 of 14

Section 1.3: Design Procedures Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

1.3 Design PROCEDURES The two major aims of this procedure is: 1 ) roll uping information, which is its ground for being

2 ) easing a format for the signifier, which is standard.

1.3.1 Facilitative Area

The signifiers are a really of import facet of a

company because they provide

the information

of each employee that the employers wish to cognize. Since

most companies use a standardised format,

each company must incorporate its rubric and

place the type of signifier that the applier is make fulling out.

It is besides utile to include the name of the

section, day of the month, codifications and

instructions that

may be necessary to finish the signifier.

? Designation

The rubric of the signifier will be placed at the top

centre of the signifier and in any instance where

the signifier contains more than one bill, it should include

captions to

separate it from the remainder of the signifiers. If the signifiers will be

filed, it will be

helpful to put the rubric in the & # 8220 ; seeable country & # 8221 ; of the signifier,

which would be

the country visible on the signifier when it is in a filing cabinet

or some other

type of filing.

? Form Numbers

The signifiers will besides include signifier Numberss which

will be placed in either

of the lower

corners on each page of the signifier. This will forestall the signifier

Numberss from

being covered by basics and it won & # 8217 ; t interfere with the

working country of

the signifier. It will besides function as an assistance in carrying the signifiers

in little measures.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 6 of 14

Section 1.3: Design Procedures Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by: ? Page Numbers

It is besides really of import to guarantee that all

the pages of the signifier contain

page Numberss for

assorted grounds. This will be helpful in placing what

page of the signifier it is and assist do it

easier to screen out signifiers, particularly

if they contain

more than one page. The page Numberss should be placed

in the upper

right manus corner of the page so that when the signifier is opened

the figure of the

page will be easier to see when the pages are stapled in

the upper left

corner. ( Antique: Page 1 of ** )

? Edition Date

The company should guarantee that all the signifiers

contain edition day of the months which

show when the

signifier was made. The signifier should besides demo how long

they will be

valid before they need to be updated once more. The edition day of the months

will be included

with form Numberss.

? Supersession Notice

This is merely a method of advising users and

workers in the supply room so that

they will cognize when a new signifier has been created has replaced the

older version of the signifier. It is besides

used when a newer version of the

old signifier has

been revised. This notice is normally printed in the underside

border of the signifier. It should

allow the

user cognize if the signifier has been replaced and what the figure of

the new signifier is.

If more than one signifier is used to replace a individual signifier,

so a separate

notice should would be more appropriate to inform


forces of the alteration. ? Termination Dates and Approval of Forms

If a signifier is to be used for merely a limited of

clip, so it should incorporate

termination day of the months

and bound day of the months. These will allow the users no when and how

long the signifier will be valid and when they

should acquire another 1. Because many signifiers have to be approved by a

company foremost before they

are distributed

to users, they must let room for the company to province its

blessing figure,

signature or symbol, along with the day of the month that the signifier

was approved.


s and Procedure Guidelines Page 7 of 14

Section 1.3: Design Procedures Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by: ? Emblems and Symbols

After the signifiers are approved by the company,

the interior decorators must infix


company & # 8217 ; s emblem or logo on the signifier. This will formalize the signifier as

belongings of that company and act kind of

like a patent so that it won & # 8217 ; t be

used by any other


? Remarks and Suggestions

In order to hold room for betterment on the

signifiers, there should be

adequate infinite for

any remarks or suggestions that the authorizing

section wants

to go forth when O.K.ing the signifier. The signifier will hold

to be approved by the

section before the companies logo or seal can

be placed on the

signifier. and it will hold to incorporate the companies logo

before the signifier

will be valid.Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 8 of 14

Section 1.4: Instruction manuals Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

1.4 INSTRUCTIONS 1.4.1 General Instructions

To guarantee that the signifiers are easy to make full out,

each signifier will incorporate

instructions for

finishing the signifier and what to make with the signifiers after

finishing them.

The instructions should be brief. The instructions that

are located under

the rubric of the signifier will be basic, general instructions

that tell the

applicant what to make with the signifier, why they are make fulling it out

and who they

should give it to when they are finished. This should be

read by the user

before finishing the signifier.

1.4.2 Drawn-out Instruction manuals

In any instance where the signifier is drawn-out and

requires a batch of idea to make full it out,

an direction brochure should be included with the signifier. These

instructions are

more drawn-out but explain more about make fulling out the signifier.

They should seek

to reply any inquiries that the applier may hold about

his/her picks while finishing the

signifier. These instructions will

explicate clearly

how to make full out the signifier, including what is compulsory to make full

in and what subdivisions are optional. These instructions should be kind of like a

written process that explains

the signifier in a

kind of sum-up. The font size of the diction should be


designed to do certain that the words are large plenty and the

lines should be

double spaced to do certain that the instructions are clear

plenty to read

and understand.

An acceptable reading fount size is around 12pt

or 14 pt size. Times New

Roman, Arial or

Courier are standard true type founts that are clear and

easy to read.

1.4.3 Section Instruction manuals

There will besides be instructions included in

each subdivision. These

instructions will explicate clearly how to make full out each the subdivision of the

signifier. It will

contain information on whether or non the subdivision needs to

be filled out in

order to find full completion of the signifier.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 9 of 14

Section 1.5: Addressing and Mailing Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:1.5 ADDRESSING AND MAILING 1.5.1 Self-Routing

On the underside of the last page of the signifier or

on the dorsum of the last page,

there will be a

infinite for the reference of the employer and a infinite for the

applier to make full

in his/her reference, along with excess infinite in instance the signifier

has to be sent to

multiple paths. This will do it easier for the signifiers to

be transferred to

the employer and increase the capableness of ego –

routing mail.

When turn toing to a certain employer, occupation

rubrics should be used alternatively

of names merely in

instance alterations in sections should happen due to

publicities or lay-offs. This will alter the places held by certain

employees who are

in control of certain sections which agencies

different duties for these people. 1.5.2 E-Mailing and Faxing

Companies that have email will be at an

advantage. They will be able to

e-mail a transcript of

the signifier to the user and have them make full out the appropriate

information and

so email the consequences back to the employer For companies that don & # 8217 ; Ts have email, facsimile

machines are besides utile. They

can merely facsimile

the signifiers to the employees or appliers. The employees

can so make full it

out and so facsimile it or convey the signifier to the employer in

individual. 1.5.3 Personal Mailboxs

In most companies, employers and employees have

their ain personal

letter boxs. By

including both the reference of the employee and the

employer, it is easier for employees or users to reassign signifiers to the

employer. In the

event that the employer may be out on a concern trip,

the appliers

may merely drop the signifiers into the employers letter boxs to

meet deadlines.Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 10 of 14

Section 1.6: Form Layout Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

1.6 FORM LAYOUT? Sheet Size

The signifiers should be designed on 8 1/2 & # 8221 ; x

11 & # 8221 ; carbon paper with a C

sheet on the

back, so that the individual make fulling out the signifier can maintain a transcript

for him/herself.

The subdivisions of the signifiers should be placed on both sides

of the paper to

save paper. The information on the signifiers should non be

crammed so that

some of import information could perchance go forth out or so

that it would

do it harder to read the inquiries due to hapless spacing or

little inscription.

? Margins

The signifier should hold half inch borders on all

sides so that the diction

won & # 8217 ; t be excessively

near to the terminal of the page. This allows the user or reader to

keep the paper without covering any

give voicing on the signifier.

? Spacing

The sum of horizontal and perpendicular spacing

is determined by the

sum of

headers and sub-headings, size and manner of text and the

sum of infinite

left for fill in replies.

? Box Format

The signifier will follow a box format which will

addition infinite because the

information will

travel to each terminal of the page border. It will hold

exceeding horizontal and perpendicular spacing to enable easier reading.

? Boundary lines and Bolding

The different subdivisions of the signifier will be

divided by solid black lines.

The headers and

sub-headings will be bolded and larger than the inquiry

text in order to better the ocular

visual aspect of each subdivision of the


Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 11 of 14

Section 1.6: Form Layout Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

? Shadowing

Shadowing will besides be used in the subdivisions where

no information is required

to do it easier

for the applier to cognize what subdivisions he/she needs to

fill in. This

would besides be used to foreground subdivisions that need to be filled

in, but non by

the applier. For illustration, some signifiers have subdivisions that

stipulate & # 8220 ; for

office usage merely & # 8221 ; intending that they don & # 8217 ; Ts have to make full out any

information in

that subdivision.

? Answer Spaces

There will be infinites indicated on the right

side of the subdivision that will be

lined aligned

with one another. They will be used for make fulling in

information that contain merely Numberss or a missive codification. In the instance that the

replies to the inquiry requires several

lines in order to reply it, there

will be more than

plenty infinite available to suitably reply the


Therefore the information must be clear and widely spaced so

that it is really

easy to make full out the signifiers.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 12 of 14

Section 1.7: Dislocation of Form Arrangements Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:

1.7 BREAKDOWN OF FORM ARRANGEMENTS The signifier should be set up in a manner to do it easier for the appliers

to make full in. The subdivisions of the signifiers will be organized so that

all the related parts of the signifier are placed one after the other

to avoid reading back through the signifier. The signifier will hold

headers and sub-heading which define which subdivision of the signifier

you are make fulling out and assist you understand what sort of information you

should make full in.

1.7.1 Get downing

The personal information will be placed at the

foremost of the signifier.

This will incorporate things such as the appliers name, reference,

phone figure, and day of the month of birth.

1.7.2 Body

This will incorporate the basic intent of the

signifier. It will hold the

inquiries that will be needed to finish the signifier, depending on

what sort of signifier it is. For illustration, if it was an application for

using for a occupation, the beginning would include the points

mentioned above in the beginning subdivision. The organic structure, would incorporate,


instruction, old employment, the place you wish to use

for and your


1.7.3 Ending

This subdivision of the signifier will hold infinites to

fill in the reference of the

individual you wish

to direct it to, along with your ain reference. It will hold

several infinites in

instance you wish to direct it to more than one person.Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 13 of 14

Section 1.8: Revising an Existing Form Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:1.8 REVISING AN EXISTING FORM There are many things to see when revising a signifier: ? Previous signifiers will be considered to be disused? Previous editions of signifiers can be used until there are no more

left. Companies can utilize the older signifiers

until there are no more left before

showing a new form. ? Existing stocks which include the signifier figure and edition day of the month

can be used. The now disused signifiers, will be replaced by new 1s,

but the signifier Numberss and editions day of the months will be transferred on to

the new signifiers.

Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 14 of 14

Section 1.9: Replacing Existing Forms with Different Numbers Effective day of the month: March 6, 1997

Issued by: Approved by:1.9 REPLACING EXISTING FORMS WITH DIFFERENT NUMBERS? You foremost have to replace the signifier Numberss and edition day of the months

which are now considered to be obsolete. ? Alternatively of replacing the figure and day of the months right off, you can

delay until there are no more signifiers left and so do the alterations

to the new signifiers.

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