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7 July 2017

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

Regulation of guns is a necessary action that needs to be taken in order

to salvage lives. A good definition of gun control is needed to understand the

sides and issues. Gun control is an attempt to halt the rise in violent offense

by beef uping Torahs on the ownership of pieces. Persons in the group

against gun control believe that gun control is incorrect, and that it is a misdemeanor

of constitutional rights.

Those in favour of gun control believe that gun control is good, that the

Second Amendment does non use to regular citizens, and that guns should

be taken out of the custodies of felons. There are several major anti-gun

control groups. These groups include the National Rifle Association ( NRA ) ,

and the Gun Owners of America ( GOA ) . The NRA is a national group dedicated

to the upholding of the Second amendment of the Constitution ( See Appendix ) .

In their magazines, American Hunter and American Rifleman, they say & # 8220 ; The

NRA, . . . believes that every observant citizen is entitled to the ownership

and legal usage of pieces, . . . & # 8221 ; The NRA does many things to assist expose

their beliefs and persuade others to their beliefs. This association besides

has a strong pull on statute law, because it has many lobbyists and protagonists

in authorities. This group has many members in Congress, and former presidents

George Bush and Ronald Reagan are NRA members. The NRA anterooms for several

types of statute law. For illustration, the NRA is presently tryingto revoke the

prohibition on assault arms. A batch of money is spent each twelvemonth on statute law

( See Appendix for figures ) .

The Gun Owners of America is another group that is against gun control. The

GOA conserves and defends the rights of gun proprietors through statute law. They

publish books, articles, and pictures on gun issues and how those issues affect

people. They besides conduct seminars for the imperativeness and Congress about issues

on the Second Amendment, and gun issues. The GOA opposes bans on semiautomatic

arms, armour piercing ammo, and pistols.

There are besides many groups that are pro gun control in the United States.

The major group for gun control is Handgun Control, Inc. ( HCI ) , which is

headed by Sarah Brady. Mrs. Brady is the married woman of James Brady, who was shooting

during an effort on president Reagan & # 8217 ; s life in 1981. Another major group

is the Alliance to Stop Gun Violence ( CSGV ) , which was once known as

the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. The CSGV believes that pistols should

be outlawed wholly, with a few exclusions, such as the armed forces, constabularies

and sportswomans who keep their guns locked up together in a gun nine.

Some achievements of HCI are Torahs forbiding the interstate sale of pistols,

and Torahs forbiding the sale of & # 8220 ; assault weapons. & # 8221 ; The chief end of this

organisation was to go through the Brady Bill. Some of its other ends are to censor

multiple gross revenues of pistols, to make gun-free zones around all of the schools,

and to set up control over who can fabricate and sell arms. HCI is

working really hard to accomplish these ends.

The CSGV is dedicated to the entire remotion of guns from the custodies of citizens,

with a few exclusions. The CSGV is seeking really hard to set gun censoring

statute law in the jurisprudence. They believe that if there are fewer guns out on

the streets, so there will be fewer gun offenses committed.

The anti-gun control people believe in several major thoughts. They believe

that the 2nd amendment rights apply merely to militia, which they define

as a group such as the National Guard and non regular citizens. These people

besides believe that by commanding Numberss of guns on the streets gun force

can be reduced. The national authorities making working with the issue of gun

control. There have been several measures passed in the last 10 old ages that

hold to make with gun control. First, there was the Gun Control Act of 1986,

which banned all fully-automatic arms from the custodies of citizens. Then

in 1988 there was the Brady Bill, which made a weeklong waiting period mandatary

for all pistol intents, this jurisprudence passed the House of Representatives in

1991, but portion of it was ruled unconstitutional in 1994. Most late there

was the prohibition on assault arms, which bans the sale and industry of what

the authorities considers assault arms. Both the NRA and HCI have fought

really hard against one another to go through some measures, and to maintain some measures

from going jurisprudence.

& gt ; Both sides of this statement present really strong instances. They have many facts

and statistics to utilize as arms ( see Appendix for information of both sides ) . The

stronger instance being presented by the pro-gun control groups. The NRA has

several good points, but HCI has points that are more relevant to the society

we live in. Pro-gun control groups can turn out that offense can be reduced with

more gun control Torahs by demoing decease statistics in states with stricter

gun control Torahs ( Figure 1.1 ) . The NRA argues otherwise, but does non hold

the highly convincing grounds to endorse their thoughts up.

To salvage more lives from decease by pieces, some via media must be made between

these groups. Losing some clip or money to purchase a gun could salvage many lives.

The NRA argues that people areguaranteed the right to have guns in the Second

Amendment ( See Appendix for the text of thisamendment ) , but anti-gun control

groups say that the jurisprudence applies merely to militia, non persons. Thepro-gun

control groups have the stronger instance because they can turn out that lives will

be saved. Take away the guns, and there will be no gun force, it makes



Figure 1.1

Handgun Control, Inc.

& # 8220 ; In 1988, handguns killed 7 people in Great Britain, 19 in Sweden, 53 in

Switzerland, 25 in Israel, 13 in Australia, 8 in Canada, and 8,915 in the

United States. & # 8221 ;

Figure 1.2

1989 Federal Lobbying Reports

This figure shows the sum of money spent by both pro and anti gun control

groups in 1989

buttonholing for statute law

( 1st Half Gross Receipts )

Handgun Control, Inc. $ 3,287,020

National Coalition to Ban Handguns 265,719

ANTI-GUN TOTAL $ 4,092,739

Citizens for the Right to Keep and

Bear Arms $ 1,158,572

NRA/Institute for Legislative Action 915,603

Gun Owners of America 361,715

PRO-GUN TOTAL $ 2,435,890


Figure 2.1

The Second Amendment to the Fundamental law

& # 8220 ; A well-regulated reserves being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of

the people to maintain and bear weaponries shall non be infringed. & # 8221 ;


Ammunition. The shells or cartridges fired from a gun.

Anti-gun control. Prefering no limitations on the entree of observant citizens

to firearm ownership.

Armor-piercing slugs. A type of slug that can perforate protective waistcoats

or other gear sometimes worn by law-enforcement officers.

Background cheque. A type of gun control necessitating reappraisal of the background

of a possible gun proprietor to look into for a condemnable record or history of drug

or intoxicant maltreatment.

Ban. A jurisprudence or act that prohibits the acquisition or sale of a peculiar

point, such as a gun.

Firearm. A device for storing, and fire of ammo.

Fully-automatic arm. A gun that can fire many unit of ammunitions with one pull of

the trigger,

such as a machine gun.

Gun-control jurisprudence. Any jurisprudence that restricts the ownership or sale of pieces.

Handgun. A short, thick-barreled piece that can be handheld.

Lobby. An organisation that uses its political power to advance causes supported

by its rank.

Militia. 1. As defined by the Constitution it includes all able-bodied work forces

between 18 and 45 2. Defined by the pro-gun control groups, it means the

members of groups such as

the National Guard and the armed forces

Pro-gun control. Prefering limitations on the entree of citizens to firearm


Rifle. A long, thick-barreled piece with a grip that fits to the shoulder.

Semiautomatic. A piece with a removable magazine and a trigger that must

be pulled

one time to fire each shooting.


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