Untitled Essay Research Paper WyrdThis essay will

7 July 2017

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

Wyrd.This essay will discourse the novel wryd. It will research some of the


that are found in the novel and effort to widen the issues to a point at

which they become more clear, and turn out the averment that, merely as Wyrd


a fast moving narrative that spans continents and ages, it is a novel of

ideas.Wyrd was, in length, a short to medium novel that was written by Sue Gough.

Briefly, it was the narrative of Berengaria, Saladin & # 8217 ; s girl and married woman of


Richard. After her hubbies decease, she was moved to a Gallic nunnery with

her servant and boy, the prince ( incognito ) . There she kept an explicit

and wise journal, entering the events in her life. She founded a healing

order, and invented a liqueur that was surprisingly popular among the

small town common people. She continued to pattern Viking faith in elusive ways, and

encouraged religious openness, as opposed to the dogmatic instructions of the

clip, enthroning assurance and a sense of worth in her fellow fans.

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However, she was plagued by her evil anti-thesis, the Abbe De Ville, who

encouraged her boy to fall in in a & # 8216 ; kids & # 8217 ; s fight & # 8217 ; & # 8212 ; and unwise and

unsafe spiritual March. Pat, her boy, was finally sold as a slave in

the in-between E, but the Abbe did non cognize this and told Berengaria the

& # 8216 ; intelligence & # 8217 ; of his death. Unable to get by with such a disclosure, she died and

was entombed, as a ma, with her book beneath the priory. Found by two

archeologists in modern times, her book was recovered and her grave

destroyed. Sent to a group of Australian adult females ( in order to maintain it out of

the claws of the modern De Ville, Professor Horniman ) , the book found it & # 8217 ; s

manner into the custodies and bosom of Trace, a street child from Sydney, come North

as portion of a modern kids & # 8217 ; s campaign. Unwilling to return to the slums


Kings Cross, Trace had found her manner to the adult females & # 8217 ; s places and beguiled


low frequency of them. To reason the narrative, Professor Horniman attempted to steal


book, and it was destroyed. All of this was spoken by one Dr Renouf ( a

possible hereafter Trace and modern twenty-four hours Berengaria ) , in an effort to pull

together the warring cabals of the in-between east.One of the most primary subjects in the book, evident even in the sum-up,


the repeat of events: return and echoing of past events and people.

The adhering togss of clip, so to talk, are changeless and absolute: even


different times, the same forces are still at work throughout the novel.

The degree Celsius

alteration of scene is incidental, and the characters are a changeless equalling

force. The kids & # 8217 ; s campaign, the constructs of war and peace, good and evil

are all tied together in the secret plan, past mirroring hereafter. However, another

subject that is of import is the power of the open ( * & # 8211 ; wyrd, the space

Viking runic letter, is the runic letter of & # 8216 ; possibly & # 8217 ; ) , and the results are different & # 8212 ;

Professor Horniman was defeated, De Ville was non. Although this lone lead

to Horniman & # 8217 ; s licking, it was significant, and the cosmic superbeing could

hold turned to favor the powers of & # 8216 ; good & # 8217 ; ( Berengaria, Trace, the Wyrd

sisters/the three adult females ) or & # 8216 ; evil & # 8217 ; ( De Ville/Horniman, war, etc ) . The hereafter

is simply a continuance of the past, but events may be replayed. Change

merely occurred with regard for the hereafter, the yesteryear remained stained, but

was a valuable lesson. The repeat of events occurred chiefly because

lessons of the past were ignored, and present alterations are the force behind

the it & # 8217 ; s surcease. The clean runic letter, the open hereafter, the last, blank

page in the old Queen & # 8217 ; s diary, are all a agencies by which these events can

occur: alteration and geographic expedition of possibilities is critical to let

continuance. Who controls the past controls the degree Fahrenheit

uture merely in that the

yesteryear is portion of the present and the present is what controls future events.Another subject, discussed chiefly in the book & # 8217 ; s women’s rightist undertones, is one

that is to a great extent dianoetic of the regulations of society. Religious tenet,


ess legal Hagiographas, unwritten regulations puting different people in state of affairss

beyond their control, and the construct of elitism & # 8212 ; our category system, are

all discussed, if briefly, in the texts. Non conformance was all but


it clearly stated that the regulations of society, the Torahs we make for


are non compatible with the demands of the people. Religious Torahs were obeyed

to the missive in the chief clip frame and our ain, to a lesser extent because

times have changed: Berengaria was a nun, and De Ville was an Abbe. The Torahs

that govern Christianity are largely good, but intercession on the portion of

the church, frequently with the best of purposes, can take an uneducated and

oppressed society ( like that of, say, mediaeval England or France ) into ruins.

In the novel, Berengaria was seen to actively opposed regulations she thought were

& # 8216 ; incorrect & # 8217 ; , and refused to subject to the system: a ego perpetuating autarchy,

in which the supreme power lies in the ability to bluff and drop the ball through

state of affairss, and maintain a crowd entertained. Her major disadvantage, at least

at that clip, was the fact that she was a adult female: strong, intelligent and

a leader, yes, but bing in a clip and world that did non judge a individual

by such qualities. Power in our society is driven by corruptness, in many

instances, and hope for the hereafter lies in the powers that be. The same was true,

to extremes, in Berengaria & # 8217 ; s clip, but her cognition and personal appeal were non

about to be bound by half-truths and prevarications ( the prevarications seeded by her clip & # 8217 ; s

power system ) . In any clip and any system

there are the high, the center and the low. The purpose of the high is to remain

at that place, the center want to acquire at that place, and the low privation to last. With a


exclusions, a system that acknowledges and works with this societal and

economic hierarchy is one that allows for really small personal growing: true

now and so. Her system and ours are clearly corrupted by this and the

novel clearly demands that we do something about it. The unwritten,

unknowable hereafter is a powerful force here: the hereafter is the right topographic point


flight to.Another powerful and repeating issue is that of cognition: it & # 8217 ; s power,

importance, and ultimate truths. Learning and self mending are of import

factors discussed by Berengaria in her life and Hagiographas, factors that

affected people in many different ways. She understood the importance of

apprehension and wisdom and shared it with others, who gained those

qualities and shared it with others & # 8230 ; ..etc. Learning is a mighty influence

that can mend lesions and dispersed enlightenment. In many ways it is the lone

force by which to contend corruptness, but seeds must be planted. The complete

amalgam of cognition discussed in the novel is contained about entirely in

Berengaria & # 8217 ; s book, which planted it & # 8217 ; s seeds in many ways. It shared it & # 8217 ; s

message of mending and medicative traditional knowledge with nurses and other assorted

therapists ;

it shared it & # 8217 ; s cognition of love and spiritualty with the emotionally

hermit, promoting growing and healing ; it shared it & # 8217 ; s artistic beauty and

cognition of the miscellaneous admirations of our planet with the artistically

inclined, heightening their lives and through them: ours. The construct of the

hunt for the ego is another invariable in this novel: people with no

individuality grow and learn to go their ain individual, alone and independent:

through cognition. It is through cognition and apprehension that peace can

be won: the hope lies non merely in the unknown but in the ability to do


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